How Can A 24 Hour Call Answering Service Help Your Taxi Company?

When it comes to bookings, you want your taxi company to be available to everyone at any time. Unfortunately, that's not always the case: dispatchers call out of work, payrolls are limited, and dispatch equipment malfunctions (in other words, "life happens"). However, call answering services are one of the many ways that taxi companies are reclaiming their position as the reigning champions of the transportation industry - here's why: 

  • 24 Hour Call Answering Services - taxis are often needed at unpredictable times, which is why these operators are available at any time of the week, every day of the year. This way, you will be able to extend your hours without increasing your payroll for dispatchers. 
  • Untie the phone lines - your dispatchers can only take so many calls at once before they become overwhelmed and begin to drop appointments. With call handling services, however, you will never lose business due to a missed phone call. 
  • Concierge services - if you have VIP clients, a call answering service should be able to make wake-up calls and other friendly reminders to ensure a prompt and efficient trip. 
  • Backup support - if you are experiencing a power outage or a natural disaster, people are going to need a ride more than ever before. 

You'll be one of the only operational taxi companies on the block thanks to your smart planning. Way to think ahead!

Is A 24 Hour Call Answering Service Right For You?

Unless you have a phobia of money and success, you should be at least thinking about call handling services. These trained specialists promote a: 

  • Professional image - a call service has international experience and can answer the phone in whatever manner your company is accustomed to. 
  • Cost-efficient business model - no longer will you have to keep a dispatcher on the clock during dead hours just in case a phone call comes in. With a call service, you only pay when the business comes rolling in. 
  • Low wait time - nobody likes to be kept waiting, and with a 24 hour call answering service, nobody will have to! If the lines become jammed, all inbound calls will be automatically answered by a professional team.

Ready to Invest in Call Handling Services?

If you are ready to add call handling services and get competitive, then the Gazoop team is here to help! Our highly experienced dispatchers are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle all of your taxi booking needs. You don't want to rely on some dingy substandard call center to handle your valuable business, so get in contact with us today! 

Our dispatch calls are fully logged and recorded with reports on hold times and overall call durations. Take a look at our detailed list of features and find out exactly why we are the best dispatch team for your business!