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How can the Gazoop Reseller Program benefit me?

The Gazoop Reseller Program allows you to keep control of your customers, you can set the pricing, control account access, and monitor their usage using our extensive tools. We will offer you discounted and custom pricing for your customers, pricing we won't make known to them, and you can then add your markup and resell the service to them to fit their specific needs. You would pay us our fees, and you would charge your customer your fees using our transaction breakdown tools.

Dedicated Reseller Project Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will be your point of contact to generate custom price plans for all of your and your customers needs.

Itemised Billing Tools

You will be able to export and filter all transactions for all of your customers accounts at a click of a button, allowing you to easily bill your customers via any method (per driver, booking, or revenue share).

Authorized Reseller Status

You will be able to display a Gazoop Authorized Reseller banner on your website provided by us upon approval in to the program and you will be given a dedicated site link demonstrating this.

Your Customers, not ours

Any customer you set-up under your Reseller account belong to you, and not Gazoop. We won't even provide support or speak to your customers if you request us not to do so as you will be the official owner of these accounts and our contract would be with you.

Cloud Dispatch Networking Affiliation

How does the Reseller Program work?

You will Create a Fleet Account via your control panel and add your customer as an "Admin" user, they will then be able to login to use their account which you can monitor to start their 14-day Free Trial.

Step 1: Find out about your customers fleet size, total weekly bookings, and other important data.

Step 2: Speak to your Gazoop Project Manager to come up with a price plan all parties can agree to.

Step 3: Send your billing terms to your customers, then upgrade their account on your account once ready.

Step 4: Every period, use the Transactions tool to export their Gazoop fees to calculate their bill.

If you want more guidance please do feel free to reach out to our chat support team who can help.

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Do you run a call center?

Use the Gazoop Dispatch System to re-sell our dispatch solution to your clients and restrict the Gazoop Staff Marketplace to just your teams agents only.

  • Multi-Account Call Answering: Immediatelty start taking their calls.
  • Instant Revenue: Charge additionally for extra features.
  • Lifetime Earnings: No expiration to price plans.
  • Support Solution: Manage your own clients.

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