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Credit Card Processing

How do I add a customer's credit card number?

If customer is paying by card, you need to add the credit card info so that the drivers can run the charges.

Once you created the booking for the customer, click Credit Card tab, near customer account tab.

Enter Card Number and Expiration Date and Add Card.

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How do I process credit card payments?

In order to process credit/debit card payments with Gazoop you will need to partner with a Payment Processor and Merchant Account service. You can see more information by going to

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What do I need to do for PCI Compliance for credit card processing?

Gazoop is fully PCI Compliant and is checked regularly to ensure it maintains its PCI Compliance. 

As a vendor using a PCI Compliant provider you do not need to obtain a PCI Compliance certificate yourself. If you are asked to demonstrate PCI Compliance, you only need to provide what is known as a an SAQ Form A, or a Self Assessment Questionnaire - Form A.

You can complete and produce this form for free by going to a service such as:

Once completed you will be able to provide the docx to your merchant provider to demonstrate PCI Compliance.

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