How do I send a booking to a network partner?

If you have a booking in your system that you wish to send to a networking partner, you will need to go to the booking applicable. In order to transfer the job, it must be un-allocated (IE: Not allocated to a driver). If the job is allocated, please remove this allocation in the first instance.

Go to the drivers box, and you will now see a new area with a drop down list of network partners you are linked with looking similar to below:

Select the network you'd like to generate a quote for, and hit the button "Generate Quote" and you will be shown a comparison between your quoted pricing, and the pricing the other fleet is offering in a page similar to below:

First of all, its a good idea to check all the warning popups in blue and amber at the top as these contain important details you may need to consider. As this booking is an instant booking it is advising a driver from this fleet can reach the customer within 15 to 25 minutes. As always, this is an estimate.

The second pop-up shows that the currency offered between fleets are different and to take this in to consideration when deciding this job.

Below you will see in the first box your fleets current quote for the job, so in this example, we've quoted the customer £78.00, however, our network partner has submitted a quote estimate of just $58.20 to complete the job. 

There are three payment options.

Cash - If you send the job to the fleet as a cash job, we will update your quote in your system to match the cash quote by the other network and they will take cash from the customer. If the fleet has agreed to pay you commission, you will earn back at the rates specified at their quoted rate.

Account/Invoice - If the networking partner enables this for your account, your rate of £78 will remain against the customer, and the partner will charge your account the quoted amount of $58.20. This means that you will make a profit on this journey, and the customer will only ever see the £78 price tag. The network partner will also never see this amount, and will only ever see their quoted amount of $58.20.

Credit Card - If the network partner supports credit card payments, you can add a card to your customer account with the network and charge the $58.20 to your credit card. The £78 will remain against the customer just like an account job.

Once you select your method your job will automatically go to your network partner and it will no longer be able to be allocated to a local driver and it will not be queued automatically for any of your drivers unless you cancel the networked job.