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Getting Started

Welcome to Gazoop! Get familiar with our system by reviewing our getting started guides..

Welcome to Gazoop

New to Gazoop? There is plenty of basic set-up information here to get you started.


This assists you with adding, managing, searching, and configuring your customer accounts.


Adding new drivers, adjusting driver settings, tracking drivers, and plenty more guidance.


Manage your vehicle license renewal dates, driver assignments, and upload vehicle photographs.


Manage your bookings, create new bookings, searching and sending quote requests, and much more.


Check client invoices, raise new invoices, process credit card payments, and adjust billing schedules.


Set your zones, fare pricing, advance rule integration, and other localisation configuration options.


Statistics and reporting for revenue, job history, driver logs, and call center information.

External Tools

API, Kiosk, Information Screens, and our various widgets and management tools for advance integration.


Network with other fleets and services around the world with our marketplace.

Call Center

Call Center Technology FAQ's including Call Answering Services


Add and Manage your Administrators and Dispatchers.


Configure your fleets features, company information, language and call center settings.

Gazoop Billing

Your Gazoop Billing information, including invoices, transactions, and payment methods.

Driver Application

Driver Applications support and assistance, including troubleshooting common issues.

Customer Login Panel

This allows your customers to login to a centralized system.

Live Tutorials

Here are some live tutorials on how to complete certain actions within our system