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How do I view live data of a booking sent to another networking partner?

In order to view the most up to date information about a job you have sent to a partner, access the job from within your account and click the button at the top which says "Access Booking in Partners System".

Once clicked, you will see live data from within your partner system.

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How do I send a job to a Network Partner?

To send a booking in your system to a networking partner, you must first locate the booking. In the driver section, so long as no driver has been assigned within your own fleet (if so, unassign or requeue job), you can select which fleet you wish to generate a quote from. You can generate quotes from multiple network partners, but you are only able to send the job to a single partner. 

Once you have deleted a network to check, you can review your pricing versus the other fleet and choose which billing method you would like for the job.

By selecting "Customer Pays Direct", no invoice will be generated on your system. If either of the other two methods are selected, the job will be charged to the customer as an account customer for the amount you have quoted, you will then need to settle outstanding amounts with your networking partner.

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How do you revoke a job passed to a networking partner?

If you decide you wish to revoke a job sent to a remote partner, but you wish to keep the job active in your system, by accessing the remote party system a "Revoke Job" button appears at the top so long as the job is in an appropriate status. Click this button, give a reason, and the job will show as cancelled in the network partners system, and will remain active in your own.

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How do I cancel a job within my own system as well as my networking partner?

You can use the standard "Cancel Job" button within your own account on your own job, if the system detects the job is also with a networking partner it will also notify your network partner of the cancellation. If you only want to cancel the job with the network partner, please review how to Revoke a job option instead.

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How do I check the status of a job with a network partner?

Your system will reflect an accurate status of the job within your own tools, however, this is based on a slight delay due to polling of around 30 seconds. If you receive a call and want to check the absolute live data within your partners system, you should locate the job in your system and hit "Access Partner System" button.

Please be aware that all status updates including ETA's are generally shown in the booking notes within the standard job screen, as well as within the remote party system tools.

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