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How do I grant Remote Access to the Gazoop Team?

To grant Gazoop access to your account you must explicitly approve this by specifying an access expiration date within your account. To do this, you must first go to "My Account":

Then click "View My Privacy Settings and Subscriptions":

Scroll to "Gazoop Access to My Account" and read the text in full, once in agreement, select an appropriate duration for account access, and hit "Update My Privacy Settings" 

You can revoke access from Gazoop Staff at any time by adjusting your Grant Gazoop Access for option to "Do NOT Grant Access" - this will automatically destroy any remote sessions and prevent Gazoop access to your account.

All access by Gazoop staff is fully logged and monitored, however, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure access is revoked and approved. Gazoop is not responsible for any unauthorised access, granting access is at your own risk.

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What do the bug report statuses mean?

Customers can log issues, however, they will not receive a personalised reply, instead, they will see a list of reported bugs and a status which are as follows:

  •        Pending Review - We have not yet seen this bug report.
  •        Investigating - We're investigation the bug report.
  •        On Hold - We're aware of the issue and this bug report is on hold.
  •        Already Reported - We've already received a similar bug report.
  •        Invalid - This means the bug is likely a user-configuration issue or a localisation issue and not a global bug, they should log a tech support ticket instead for guidance.
  •        Unable To Repeat - This means that we could not repeat the bug reported, this is generally due to insufficient information supplied (lack of ID numbers, step by step guide, etc).
  •        Resolved - This means the bug has been fixed.
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