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Create Booking

How do I create an instant booking?

Click Bookings Management and choose Create Booking:

  •   Enter the customer's Phone number.
  •   Customer's Name.
  •   Complete Pick-up Address.
  •   Drop off address.
  •   Click the "ASAP" button as indicated below.
  • -Don't forget to click Create Booking at the bottom of the page to save the booking in the system.

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    How do I generate a fare quote without booking the ride?

    You can generate a stored quote on a customers account by following the exact same process as if you were going to place a new booking in the "Bookings" > "Create" section.

    Once you have filled out all the information and generated a quote (whether automatic or modified), you must then click "Cancel Booking" instead of create booking.

    Upon hitting Cancel Booking, you will get the following buttons, hit the appropriate reason for cancelling the booking. Any button listed below will allow you to generate a price quote to send to the customer via email or SMS, however in this example, we are selecting "Quote Request".

    Upon hitting this button, you will then be sent to a page that looks very similar to the booking view page, except for the fact this says at the top "Booking Quote" and has very different action buttons compared to a normal job. The action buttons are limited to three, these are "Copy Job", "Email Quote", and "SMS Quote". This is shown below:

    If a customer calls and you wish to continue to book a previously rejected ride, hit "Copy Job" as you would do an existing booking, this will work in the exact same way as the current active bookings copy job feature does. Please however be aware that airport flight numbers, and recurring job information is not stored, the only information logged from the booking form is:

    •   Address Information
    •   Pricing Information
    •   Customers Contact Information and Client Account
    •   Passengers, Cases, Wheelchair Accessible, and Vehicle Preference.
    •   Job Notes
    Some clients have used the notes field to log other important information as the clients are unable to see the content of the notes field. Such information could include up sell information or reasons for not proceeding.

    If a client calls back to proceed with a previously rejected booking or quote request, you can retrieve these in the "Quotes" page. Find the customers account and hit the Reject ID to load the same screen as above.

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    Is it possible to toggle between routing options in the booking form?

    You can only do this by configuring the setting in the Administration > Configuration tool under "Routing & Address Settings"

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    How do I remove an address or via point during the booking process?

    If you are placing a booking and need to remove a via point or address, simply click the cross button that appears next to the address as shown below:

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    How do I enter a what3words addresss?

    To find a what3words location simply enter three forward slashes followed by the three words with period seperations, for example in the image below you'd enter:


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    Can customers manage and create bookings via SMS?

    Did you know your customers can book and cancel jobs via SMS?
    •   UK Mobile: - 07520 633 633
    •   US Mobile: - 888-505-5574
    Did you know? Your SMS messages already get sent from these numbers so all they need to do is click reply.

    What can customers send to these numbers?
    •   Book Job 1234 - This will re-book job 1234 for an instant pickup.
    •   Book Job 1234 for 01/01/2013 at 18:35 - This will re-book job 1234 for 1st Jan 2013 at 6:35pm.
    •   Cancel Job 1234 - This will cancel job 1234.

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    Can customers create or manage their bookings by telephone or IVR?

    Your customers can reach your dispatch line by calling any of the local numbers below so long as they have a client account with their caller ID.
    •   UK Mobile: 07520 633 633 (Surcharge Per Minute)
    •   US Toll Free: 888-505-5574 (Surcharge Per Minute)

    What can customers do via the Automated IVR?
    •   Book Jobs - Including Instant and Pre-book jobs based on previous Pickup/Dropoff Locations.
    •   Update Card Information - The customer will be invited to update credit card details on their account.
    •   Get Booking Status - The system will automatically tell the customer the position in the queue, how far away the driver is, or when a pre-book is scheduled.
    •   Cancel a Job - The customer can cancel any jobs pending directly using the automated IVR system.
    •   Speak to a Dispatcher - The customer can press * at any time to speak to a dispatcher (local).

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