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Invoice Management

How do I search client's invoice in the database?

You can search the client's invoice by asking for the invoice number and enter it in the search field as shown below.

You can also search it by entering the last name of client and choose from the drop down list.

Then click search invoices tab so it will pull up the client's invoice.

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How do I send a clients invoice through email?

  •   Go to Invoices > Manage
    Click on the Invoice ID of the appropriate invoice you need to send.
  •   Click the Email tab and enter the email address of the customer.
  •   Click Send Email and a copy of invoice will be sent to the customer.

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    How do I modify a pick-up or drop-off address in a client's invoice?

    If you want to change the address in your client's invoice, all you have to do is highlight the content that needs editing in the invoice item description and type in the correct address. Once complete, click Modify Existing Invoice as shown below.

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    How do I apply a payment to an unpaid invoice?

  •   Go to the invoice of customer.
  •   Click Manual Payment in the bottom right box.
  •   Click Apply Payment.
  • -If customer wishes to make a card payment click Card Payment near the Manual Payment tab.

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    How do I raise a scheduled invoice early?

  •   Go to Invoices > Pending
  •   Locate the user who wish to raise early for
  •   Click Generate Pending Invoice tab and enter a date of when you want the pending transactions to show up from.
  •   Hit create invoice to comit the changes.
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    How do I create an invoice?

    To create an invoice go to Invoices > Create

    Once you hit Create Invoice tab, you will be redirected to Create a New Invoice page, which is shown below.

    Enter Item Name, Item Description and Amount.

    Click Create New Invoice tab to save the new invoice.

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    How do I remove a payment from an invoice?

    To remove a payment from an invoice, just click the delete or trash icon next to payment and click, Modify Existing Invoice tab below the page to save the changes.

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    How do I delete an invoice?

    To delete an invoice, search for the specific invoice first. Once you opened the Invoice Information, click the Delete Invoice button on the left hand side.

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    How do I pull up a monthly invoice report for my fleet?

    To see a monthly overview of invoices for your fleet please go to the Reporting Menu instead of Invoices.

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    How do I add a new invoice item?

    To add an item, just click Add tab and it will create another row for you to enter item name, description and amount.

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