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Billing Configuration

What is Billing Configuration?

This page allows you to set the configuration settings for billing within your taxi fleet for both clients and drivers.

Go to Billing Management and choose Billing Configuration (page shown below).

You can see Client Invoice Configuration section:

  •   Generate Invoice - you have the option to choose when you want to generate invoice from after each job
            every day, every week, every fortnight, every month to quarterly to annually.
  •   Tax/VAT Included - choose from yes (deduct tax) or no (charge tax)
  •   Tax/VAT rate - allows you to set the percentage rate for tax/VAT.
  •   Enter Tax/VAT number.
  •   Tax/VAT on Fare - choose yes to all amounts or no to pick-up fee and fuel surcharge only.
  •   Fuel Surcharge -set percentage for fuel surcharge.
  •   Invoice Due Date - from 24 to 48 hours to how many days to a month.
  •   Invoice Preference - choose from full, partial or no itemisation.
Driver & Staff Invoice Configuration:

  •   Generate Invoice- choose from end of day to every week, every month, quarterly to a year.
  •   Tax/VAT Included - choose from yes (deduct tax) or no (charge tax).
  •   Tax/VAT rate - allows you to set the percentage rate for tax/VAT.
  •   Cash Fares ;
                -Charge Fee - the drivers complete cash fares under their own entity, and keep all cash amounts,
                  this will ensure your commission is charged against their earnings.
                -Earn Commission - if selected , all job fares will be paid out at the appropriate rates found in the driver
                  management screen.  This should be selected if the driver hands in all their cash fares.
  •   Invoice Style;
                -Single Invoice - send a single invoice to drivers deducting any commissions earned.
                -Double Invoices - raise 2 invoices, one from the driver to your taxi fleet with their commission earnings.
                   another from your company to the driver requesting any appropriate fees and charges.

Invoice Foot Notes - this section is found below the page and this is where you can jot down

               your payment information for your clients to take note of.

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How do I adjust the items in an invoice?

You can adjust the way your invoices to clients itemised items by going to Invoices > Settings as follows:

1. Full Itemisation - This will show every single item as a single row, including add-on items.
2. Partial Itemisation - This will show the journey as a single row (pickup fee, mileage, time), and add-on items seperately (such as parking, etc).
3. No Itemisation - This will group all transactions, addon items, in to a single row.

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