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Fleet Rules

How do I export or back-up a Fleet Rule I created?

To export a rule first go to the fleet rules section in Localisation and find the rule you are looking for.

Once in the rule, hit the "Toggle Mode (Basic/JSON)" button at the top right hand side.

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How do I import a Fleet Rule in to my account?

To import a rule first go to the fleet rules section in Localisation Management and hit the green "Create a New Rule" button at the top right.

Once here, click the Toggle Mode as shown below.

Once you have hit this, enter a Rule Name, Description, and paste the JSON code you wish to import in to large text field. Once you're happy, you can hit "Create New Rule" or if you wish to make any modifications, hit "Toggle Mode" again to make your customisation's first.

Once created you can then make any changes you require.

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How do I set different fare tables to different zones?

  •   Go to "Localisation Management" and then "Fleet Rules".
  •   Click "Create A New Rule" and enter "Zone 1" or your first zones name as set in localisation management in the name and description. Leave the status as Active.
  •   Change "Event Trigger" to "Before placing a booking".
  •   Change "Frequency" to "Trigger the rule unlimited times".
  •   Change the first row within rule conditions to look like the following, changing "Zone 1" to the zone you named in localisation management. (?)
  •   Change the first row in rule actions to look like the following, ensuring you are selecting the correct fare table for your fleet for the specified zone.
  •   Click "Create New Rule" and repeat this process for your other zones.

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    What are Fleet Rules?

    Fleet rules allows you to predefined a variety of different conditions and actions for various tools in your Gazoop account. This tool can be found in the Localisation > Rules page. The possibilities of potential rules are endless however below are a few examples of what can be done:

    Zone to Zone pricing.
    Client Specific Pricing
    Vehicle Specific Pricing
    Late Job Notifications
    Special Promotions
    Dispatcher Announcements
    Blocking Specific Locations
    Allowing Pickup Anywhere Outside Zone
    Restriction Service Hours

    You can see how you set-up rules in the below screenshot. This service is only available on paid plans. 

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    Video Tutorial - Creating a Zone Map
    SMS Action Variables in Rules

    You can now specify the following variables in the SMS Action for Rules.


    Please note that if a driver is not allocated to the booking the driver_ variables will return "N/A".

    See below for an example on how this can be used:

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