Did You Know?

SMS Action Variables in Rules

You can now specify the following variables in the SMS Action for Rules.

Booking Variables

  • {job_id}
  • {pickup_address}
  • {dropoff_address}
  • {pickup_time}
  • {cost}
  • {email}
  • {passenger_name}
  • {driver_name}
  • {driver_reg_plate}
  • {driver_vehicle_colour}
  • {driver_vehicle_make}
  • {driver_mobile}

Please note that if a driver is not allocated to the booking the driver_ variables will return "N/A".

Ticket Variables

  • {ticket_id}
  • {subject}
  • {date}
  • {customer_id}
  • {disp_name}
  • {email}

See below for an example on how this can be used: