How do I set a different fare table for different vehicles?

In order to create vehicle type based pricing, you must ensure you have named your various fare tables per vehicle as per this FAQ: What are Standard Fares?. Once you have created the additional fare tables follow the below:

  1. Go to LocalisationRules and click Create New Rule
  2. Enter a name and description for your first Vehicle Pricing, and set the Status to "Active"
  3. Select the Event Trigger as "Before Placing a Booking" and Frequency: "Trigger the rule unlimited times"
  4. In the first Condition Row, select the Variable "Vehicle Type" and select the operator as the vehicle you wish to influence the price for.
  5. In the actions area, select the Action drop down and choose "Change Fare Table", in the Option drop down, select the appropriate fare table for that Vehicle pricing.
  6. Click Create Rule
Screenshot Example

JSON Source Code

    "event": "before_booking",
    "conditions": {
        "0": {
            "command": "booking_vehicle",
            "operator": "vehicle_limo"
        "match": "all",
        "frequency": "unlimited"
    "actions": {
        "0": {
            "command": "change_fare_table",
            "operator": "faretable_13295"