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Website Management

What is Website Management?

This tool allows you to modify your Gazoop website.  You can modify the following:

  •   Your website URL's.
  •   Main Website Data - website title (SEO),website description and there is an option to choose your main color and secondary color.
  •   Domain Name and Network URL
  •   Social Networking -link your social media pages such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google and Instagram.
  •   Top Banner and Booking Widget - update your background photo or modify your booking widget or icon.
  •   Free Call Back Widget - you can create your freecall back widget and you have the option to enable or disable it.
  •   About Us - update your photo, title, headings and content.
  •   Services - modify the services your taxi fleet has offered.  
  •   Statistics Widget -your fleet service areas.
  •   Vehicles Widget - type of vehicles you offer to customers.
  •   Mobile App Widget - upload or update your photo, slogans and so on.
  •   Contact Us- for customers wanting to reach out to your team.
  •   Google Re-captcha- to protect your site from spam.
  •   Powered by Gazoop setting- you have the option to enable or disable.

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Can we see a preview of our website?

Yes.  You can preview your site for free using one of our network ID's.  At the bottom right of the Overview page, or by going to 

Advance Integration>Website Manager.  You can now create your own Network ID, once created your free website is available to test and configure the way you want it.

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How do I point my domain to my new site?

In order to change your website address to your domain name you must follow the instructions found within "Domain Name" section.

This likely involves a CNAME update to the network URL you created, if you are unsure how to do this, please copy and paste the text with the CNAME address to your website host or domain provider who can do this for you.

If you require HTTPS support, please review pointing your domain DNS to a service such as

You must also ensure you have entered your domain name, excluding the www., in the "Manage Website" > "Domain Name" section for it to load the correct site instead of divert to

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