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Mobile Application

What is Mobile Application?

This tool allows you to create your mobile application. The page below is what you will see once you clicked Create A New Mobile Application tab.

You can modify the following:

  •   Main Mobile App Data - modify your app name, price, category, short and long description.
  •   Icons, splash screens and colors - upload your application icon, splash, homescreen, featured banner and you can also choose your main app color.
  •   cURL API key - to get your cURL API key , you can go to Visual Display Units & API keys section.
  •   Account Representation Information - enter your information such as Rep first and last name, address, postcode and phone number.
  •   Developer Login Credentials - your iTunes and Play Store email and password.
  •   Additional Application Data - copyright notice and enter your  support email and support website.
  •   Powered by Gazoop Setting - you have the option to enable and disable this.

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How do I get iTunes and Google Play Developer Logins?

In order to publish a mobile application with Gazoop you will need to have an active iTunes Connect account and Google Play Developer Account. You can sign-up for these at the following links:

Be aware that the Apple Developer programme requires a yearly fee that must be renewed to keep your application in the app store, where-as Android/Google Play has a lifetime fee of $25 which is not renewable. 

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How much does the mobile application cost?

You can see all the pricing information for the Whitelabel Customer Mobile Application in our pricing pages found here under Enhanced Service Fees:

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How do I set-up the SMS Gateway Application?

In order to set-up the Android SMS Gateway App you must download the 3rd Party App at the following link:

Please note you may need to approve 3rd Party Unverified Apps to install the above link. This should also only be installed on a device which will remain plugged in, and will keep the app open on the forefront permanently with a stable internet connection. It can not be backgrounded.

Once installed, open the app and you will see the following:

You should then follow as directed and scan the QR Code found in the Admin > API Key tool where you should generate an API Key.

Once done, you will see the following screen:

You should then be able to go to Data Providers > SMS and ensure that you select "Gateway App" as your main option instead of Gazoop.

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How do I transfer my mobile application to my own developer accounts?

You must log a ticket with our Customer Service team with the following information:

Play Store

Target Account Email Address:
Order ID for the target Play Console account registration:

iOS/iTunes Connect

Recipient's Team Agent Apple ID:
Team ID:

Once received a request will be sent for the transfer.

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What icons and splash screens are required for a whitelabel branded application?

In order to submit a branded mobile application we will require a variety of images in the following resolutions.


We will require a single icon file in the size of 1024px X 1024px in .png or .jpg format (Max 2mb).

We recommend the following:

1. Use a vector image (IE: One that easily scales) as the dimensions will be automatically adjusted.
2. Avoid using text - if using text, ensure it is large and in the centre as text is generally unreadable in an icon. A symbol is usually best as your app name is written below anyway.
3. Keep it simple - don't cram lots of colors or images in to the app icon. Photographs of any kind are best to be avoided as these never appear well on mobile devices.
4. Avoid transparency - an app icon should be opaque. You may find that on different devices transparency is handled poorly, additionally, as users can customise their backgrounds you are at rick of your icon merging in with this.
5. Use vibrant colours - this means ensure it looks good on a variety of backgrounds. We generally advise to avoid blue as many apps use this colour and your app risks merging in with all the others.

Splash Screen

We will require a simple Splash Screen file in the size of 1280px X 1920px in.png or .jpg format (Max 2mb).

We recommend the following:

1. Use a simple colour and put your vector logo in the centre - splash screens are automatically adjusted by us and devices, and so a vector image is always recommended.
2. Avoid using text - a splash screen is generally only displayed for a few seconds, so your customer will not have time to read any text

Play Store Promotional Banner

We will require a single play store promotional banner in the size of 1024px X 500px in .png .jpg format (Max 2mb).

This image is used on mobile devices loading your application information screen.

IMPORTANT - Once an app has been submitted, we will be unable to change the app icons or splash screens without a further payment of $250 per application as the application has to be re-compiled. It is VITAL you ensure your icon is correct the first time.

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