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What is Gazoop Networking?

Gazoop Networking features allows you to send jobs you are unable to complete yourself directly to other fleets and earn in a way that is fully managed and trackable within your own system as if you were completing the job.

This has many benefits:

  •   You can track all your bookings within the same panels, whether completed by yourself or by a 3rd party network partner.
  •   Your customers can track and manage their bookings via the exact same methods without realising its passed to a 3rd party (E.g. via mobile apps, your website, or even with a Gazoop Telephone Dispatcher).
  •   You can also see the job live in your dispatcher screens, even though its being managed by a 3rd party.
  •   You can bill jobs sent to 3rd parties via your usual standard account billing terms, and be charged automatically by other fleet by account allowing you to earn money on jobs passed on.
  •   Additionally, networks can add a commission or payout for jobs sent across, this could be flat fee or a percentage, and this is automatically calculated and invoiced for payment as a credit for cash fares, or as a discount for account jobs.
  •   Lastly, you can network with an unlimited number of taxi firms, meaning you do not have to worry about the quantity of jobs you take as you can simply pass them on to other fleets without worry and fully trackable and managed.

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How do I find a Networking Partner?

If you would like to find a Gazoop Network Partner from our public listings page that you can send jobs to, you can locate this by going to "Advanced Integration" > "Networking" > "Link with a fleet using Gazoop"

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How do I put my fleet on the public listings for other fleets to send me jobs?

In order to receive jobs from other Gazoop users and advertise on our public listings list, you need to go to "Advanced Integrations"> "Networking"> "Manage my Public Listing"

Once on this page you will be asked to fill in a variety of information including:

  •   Show Public Profile - This allows you to modify if your page is listed on the public directory or not. Fleets can still request to network with you but must enter an invitation ID instead.
  •   Allow New Fleets - This allows you to specify if those who network with you are automatically created and can place bookings immediately, or if you want to manually approve each application. You are sent an email via the ticket system upon each sign-up with either configuration option, however with requiring approval you need to go in to their customer profile and change their status from Pending to Active.
  •   Your Public Listing Content -  This is where you should put in important information other fleets need to decide whether they can entrust their customers bookings with your firm. This should include information such as how many drivers? Where you are located? What areas do you cover? What services do you offer? Why your firm should be preferred compared to others? Etc.
  •   Payout Per Completed Job (Flat) - This is a flat fee you will pay out as commission for each completed job. 
  •   Payout Per Completed Job (Percentage) - This is a percentage you will payout as commission for each completed job, this is pre-tax if applicable and does not include add-on items you have marked as commission unable to be earned on (such as parking).
  •   Payout Terms - This should include details about how often you pay out commission for cash-only fares, if you offer account billing and if so, the process of applying for this, and any other important information. Gazoop does not get involved in ensuring payment is made or received, this is up to each fleet to manage on their own.
  •   Auto-Enable Credit/Account Jobs - This options allows you to specify if fleets who join your network are automatically granted credit/account job abilities, and thus, you invoice the fleet per your standard billing terms.
  •   Default Fare Table - This allows you to specify the fare table that your Network Partners are defaulted to when they request quotes, you could leave this as default, or you could offer different pricing for partners.

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How do I approve a fleet that has signed-up but requires activation?

When you receive notification via the ticket system that a fleet requires approval, please click the link within the ticket similar to below:

Once clicked, you will be presented with the customers profile page, near the top there is a field that says "Account Status" which is set to "Pending Account", change this to "Active" to approve. 

You are able to review the profile before completing this action and complete any due-diligence checks you wish to do prior to approving the application, no jobs can be submitted by the fleet until they are in the active status.

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How do I send a booking to a network partner?

If you have a booking in your system that you wish to send to a networking partner, you will need to go to the booking applicable. In order to transfer the job, it must be un-allocated (IE: Not allocated to a driver). If the job is allocated, please remove this allocation in the first instance.

Go to the drivers box, and you will now see a new area with a drop down list of network partners you are linked with looking similar to below:

Select the network you'd like to generate a quote for, and hit the button "Generate Quote" and you will be shown a comparison between your quoted pricing, and the pricing the other fleet is offering in a page similar to below:

First of all, its a good idea to check all the warning popups in blue and amber at the top as these contain important details you may need to consider. As this booking is an instant booking it is advising a driver from this fleet can reach the customer within 15 to 25 minutes. As always, this is an estimate.

The second pop-up shows that the currency offered between fleets are different and to take this in to consideration when deciding this job.

Below you will see in the first box your fleets current quote for the job, so in this example, we've quoted the customer £78.00, however, our network partner has submitted a quote estimate of just $58.20 to complete the job. 

There are three payment options.

Cash - If you send the job to the fleet as a cash job, we will update your quote in your system to match the cash quote by the other network and they will take cash from the customer. If the fleet has agreed to pay you commission, you will earn back at the rates specified at their quoted rate.

Account/Invoice - If the networking partner enables this for your account, your rate of £78 will remain against the customer, and the partner will charge your account the quoted amount of $58.20. This means that you will make a profit on this journey, and the customer will only ever see the £78 price tag. The network partner will also never see this amount, and will only ever see their quoted amount of $58.20.

Credit Card - If the network partner supports credit card payments, you can add a card to your customer account with the network and charge the $58.20 to your credit card. The £78 will remain against the customer just like an account job.

Once you select your method your job will automatically go to your network partner and it will no longer be able to be allocated to a local driver and it will not be queued automatically for any of your drivers unless you cancel the networked job.

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How do I know if a booking is with a Network Partner?

You will easily be able to determine if a job is with a network partner or not by going in to the job, there will be three different areas where you can determine this.

1. There will be a warning at the very top of the page looking like so:

2. You will see in the drivers area it does not list a driver and instead shows this:

3. Lastly, you will be able to see it in the Jobs notes as shown below:

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How do I track and/or revoke a booking allocated to a networking partner?

When you have located a booking in your system allocated to a network partner, click either of the two buttons that say "Access Booking in Fleet System" an example is shown below:

Once clicked you will be shown a screen very similar to a normal booking except with some important differences. 

Firstly, a big green banner will make it clear this is a Network Job and not a local job, even though the screens are almost identical. You will have access to see the drivers details, the job notes, the status of the journey, etc. 

If you want to revoke the job from the network partner, you have the option here to click "Revoke Job from Network Partner Only", this ensures the job remains active in your account but only cancels it with the network partner.

If however the customer wants to cancel the job in whole, you can click "Return to original Booking" and use the standard Cancel Booking button, this will automatically send notification to the Network Partner also of the cancellation in addition to cancelling within your own system.

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How do I add important notes to the booking for the attention for the network fleet?

You can add notes to the job just as you normally do and notes are sent automatically to your networking partner.

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We received a job from a Network Partner, but we are unable to complete this, how do we send it back?

If you receive a job and are unable to complete this job but do not want to cancel the customers booking in whole, you should use the "Refuse Network Job" button as shown below:

Once you hit Refuse Network Job, the job will show as cancelled on your system, it it will bounce back to the originating fleet and remain active for them to handle as they require.

Only ever hit "Cancel Job" if the customer has reached out to your fleet and requested cancellation, as clicking "Cancel Job" will cancel the job both within your own system as well as your networking partners system.

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We received a networked job, however the customer wishes to cancel their booking?

If the customer reaches out to your fleet and asks to cancel the booking in whole you should just use the standard "Cancel Job" button, this will automatically cancel the booking in your own system as well as the networking partners system.

If you only want to cancel the job as you are unable to complete this, use the "Refuse Network Job" button instead of "Cancel Job".

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How do you customise the commissions for a Network Partner?

Locate your Network Partner in your Client Management Tools as standard. Locate the "Payout" box within their client profile found at the bottom right of the page as shown below:

You can modify this data at any time, however, it will only reflect for future completed jobs and not any jobs already completed, even if payment/invoice is pending generation.

If you wish to raise invoices at a different rate to your client invoice generation date, use the standard tools found to the left of the page for Client Invoice generation as you would do a standard customer.

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What happens if a Network Partner refuses my job?

If your Network Partner refuses your job the following will occur:

1. The job will be marked as cancelled on your Network Partners system.
2. The job will be unassigned from the Network Partner within your own system, and added to the standard queue for your own drivers or for you to re-allocate to a another network firm.
3. You will receive a message in your tickets to notify you of such refusal in a message similar to shown below:

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How do booking confirmations and refusals work?

A fleet that networks with you has the option to enable the requirement to have confirmations sent for jobs offered to your fleet. If you do not confirm these bookings within 24 hours, they are automatically cancelled from your account as refused.

A refused booking means they are cancelled on your system, but remain active on the originating fleets system.

When a fleet sends a job that requires confirmation, you will receive a message in your system similar to below:

Once you go in to the booking you must either select "Confirm Network Job" or "Refuse Network Job" as shown below:

Please be aware that even if you confirm the network job now, the Refuse Network job will always be available to click should you later decide you are unable to complete this job but should not be treated as cancelled on the originating fleets system.

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How do I enable booking confirmations for every job I send to the Network Partner?

If you want all jobs confirmed by a network partner you should go in to the fleet network management panel in "Advanced Integration"> "Networking"> Select the fleet appropriate.

Once loaded, you must toggle the option "Booking Confirmations:"

If you trust the fleet to refuse jobs appropriately and do not wish to enforce a 24 hour timer for confirmation, select no. If you want the fleet to confirm each booking placed, select Yes. If they do not hit confirm within 24 hours, the job will be bounced back to your fleet.

Caveats - if the job is due within 24 hours, this option becomes obsolete unless the fleet doesn't complete the job in time. The moment the job is accepted by a driver, it is by default deemed confirmed.

You will not receive a confirmation if a booking is confirmed, however, the booking notes will show a new transaction called "Confirmed" with the full name of the dispatcher who confirmed the booking. In addition, if the booking is refused, you will continue to refuse the same message you always receive on refusal. If its an automatic refusal, this will be made known in the reason for refusal.

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How do I receive my commission payments from a networking partner?

You should reach out directly with the networking partner regarding payment terms and method of payment, Gazoop does not handle or deal with financial transactions between fleets and only facilitates in transmitting the bookings between one another, generating invoices of commissions, and linking companies via public listings. The fleet themselves is responsible for making such payments, and using the Gazoop Networking tools is at your own risk.

If you negotiate to be charged by account/invoice, then any applicable commission will be paid against your account/invoice where the remainder of the payment will be required by you to the networking partner.

Gazoop reserves the right to remove a public listing of a fleet it receives repeated complaints for.

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How much does Gazoop Networking cost?

The Gazoop Network is a free service that takes advantage of the Gazoop API. 

If your contract incurs API charges, then any bookings placed via the Gazoop Network will be applicable to the API booking charge.

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