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How to Integrate with GloriaFood

In order to receive dispatch bookings from GloriaFood you must first create a public customer account for the restaurant you are expecting to receive the booking from:

You must ensure you select a Public Account (POI Account) so that the system knows to expect anonymous customer data for bookings, and to allow selection via the Integrations tool.

Once done, go to "Integrations" > "Create" and complete the form as follows:

Once you have filled out the information, and selected "Gloria Foods" in the Mode and the public account you just created, hit "Create Link". You will then see a screen link this:

With this URL, you will then login to your GloriaFoods account and go to "Other" > "Enable Integrations" and create a new integration, ensuring that the URL we provided you is entered in to the "End Point URL".

You will need to also click "Generate" besides the Authentication Keys, although this is not required to be sent to us as we already IP Restrict and provide a secure API authentication token within the web hook URL. 

Once complete, all delivery orders will be placed as a new booking for dispatch within your Gazoop system and distributed to the nearest available driver. Details of the order can also be found within the "Notes" field. It will also advise if the order has been paid for or not, as shown below:

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About the Gazoop Customer API

Gazoop Customer API allows fleet operators who utilise our software to offer a direct API solution to their clients to automatically feed jobs in to their system. Our API utilizes TCP/IP-based technology which resides on your system. We currently offer an HTTPS interface to make API calls in to the Customer API allowing most web-based programming languages to take advantage of a simple yet highly flexible system. Data is currently returned as a JSON element.

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What are VDU's and API keys?

VDU - Visual Display Units (Kiosks and Information Screens)

API - Application Programming Interface (Websites and Mobile Apps)

This tool allows you to create information screens, bookings kiosk and API keys. For example, you can put up tablets in bars, restaurants, malls or any establishment for customers to order a cab. The API's can be used to build your own mobile application or create heavy integration in to your own websites.

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