What is Website Management?

Located in External ToolsWebsites this tool allows you to modify your Gazoop website. You can modify the following:

  • Your website URL's.
  • Main Website Data - website title (SEO),website description and there is an option to choose your main color and secondary color.
  • Domain Name and Network URL
  • Social Networking -link your social media pages such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google and Instagram.
  • Top Banner and Booking Widget - update your background photo or modify your booking widget or icon.
  • Free Call Back Widget - you can create your freecall back widget and you have the option to enable or disable it.
  • About Us - update your photo, title, headings and content.
  • Services - modify the services your taxi fleet has offered.
  • Statistics Widget -your fleet service areas.
  • Vehicles Widget - type of vehicles you offer to customers.
  • Mobile App Widget - upload or update your photo, slogans and so on.
  • Contact Us- for customers wanting to reach out to your team.
  • Google Re-captcha- to protect your site from spam.
  • Powered by Gazoop setting- you have the option to enable or disable.