How to change Automatic Dispatch Settings?

You can configure exactly how jobs are distributed to your driver by configuring the Automatic Dispatch Settings. Go to AdminConfigurationAutomatic Dispatch Settings

In this setting there are three options:

  • Enabled - Nearest Driver - This sends queued jobs to the next nearest driver.
  • Enabled - Driver Queue - This sends jobs to the next driver awaiting a job - ensuring drivers are shared jobs equally (disregarding if an eligible driver is closer). Standard restrictions and filtering apply.
  • Disabled - Manual Dispatch - You must allocate all jobs to a driver who then must start the jobs manually.
Min Last Seen Time for Offers:
  • If a driver has not kept the application open, or logs off, but keeps their status as "Available", this setting specifies how long a driver can remain offline before new job offers are not sent. For example, if set to 10 minutes, if a driver turns off the app for 15 minutes, they will not be sent any further jobs until they turn the application back on and send live GPS location information.
Second Job Support: In this setting there are three options:
  • Allow - All Bookings - This allows any job in the queue to be sent to any driver, even if the driver is currently working a trip. This ensures that if a driver is soon to end a job near where the next pickup is, that the driver receives this job.
  • Allow - Only Pre-book and Airport - This is the same as above, however, the second job offer will only be sent if the booking is NOT an Instant ASAP booking, these bookings will be sent to available drivers only. (This allows you to prioritise Pre-books and Airport rides in the queue).
  • Block - Single Job Only - This option only permits drivers to hold a single job at any given time, in order to accept a second job they will need to end their current job first. This excludes allocations.
  • If any of the "Allow" options are selected, you will also be invited to select if second job requests can be sent at any stage of the drivers current booking, if if they should only be considered for a second job if they are en-route to the drop off of the current job only.