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Add-on Users

What is Manage Add-on Users?

Manage Add-on Users allows you to manage all add-on users in your system.

Add-on users means secondary logins for an account such as your staff or dispatchers.  

You can specify a user level to set up limits in accessing your account, and you can allow multiple people to login 

to the account and take or manage customer's bookings.

You can search for your add-on user in the search field or Create Add-On User, just enter dispatcher or staff information.

Unlimited Add-On Users Allowed tab for the Unlimited Plan.

This tool has 3 Actions which are:
  •   View/Modify profile - to make changes onyour add-on user's profile.
  •   Suspend account
  •   Delete account

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How do I create an Add-on User?

To create an Add-on User:

  •   Go to Administration.
  •   Select Manage Add-On User
  •   Click Create Add-On User.
  •     Once you've clicked Create Add-On User, you will be redirected to the Add-On User Profile page and this is where you will enter important information especially the ones marked with asterisk.  

        This page also allows you to modify an add-on users profile information including postal address, email and password.

        Dispatcher Information:

    •   Dispatcher Status- select from available or blocked.
    •   Permissions:
            -Bookings Only Dispatcher- if selected, this will remove all tools except for the relevant tools found in the Bookings Menu.

            -Dispatcher- this will remove access to the Administration tools and disallow access to change or view your Gazoop subscription plan.

             -Administration- this will grant access to the Administration category and allow for the subscription plan to be changed.

        Personal Information:

              -First and last name of add-on user, date of birth and telephone number.

        Account Information:

              -Enter email address of add-on user and you have the option to allow or disallow your add-on users to change their password.                     

        Postal Address: (is located at the bottom of the page, below account information on the live page)

                -Enter your mailing address.

        -Once important information is entered, click Create Add-on User at the bottom most part of the page.

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