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Add-on Users

How do I create an Add-on User?

To create an Add-on User:

  •   Go to Administration.
  •   Select Manage Add-On User
  •   Click Create Add-On User.
  •     Once you've clicked Create Add-On User, you will be redirected to the Add-On User Profile page and this is where you will enter important information especially the ones marked with asterisk.  

        This page also allows you to modify an add-on users profile information including postal address, email and password.

        Dispatcher Information:

    •   Dispatcher Status- select from available or blocked.
    •   Permissions:
            -Bookings Only Dispatcher- if selected, this will remove all tools except for the relevant tools found in the Bookings Menu.

            -Dispatcher- this will remove access to the Administration tools and disallow access to change or view your Gazoop subscription plan.

             -Administration- this will grant access to the Administration category and allow for the subscription plan to be changed.

        Personal Information:

              -First and last name of add-on user, date of birth and telephone number.

        Account Information:

              -Enter email address of add-on user and you have the option to allow or disallow your add-on users to change their password.                     

        Postal Address: (is located at the bottom of the page, below account information on the live page)

                -Enter your mailing address.

        -Once important information is entered, click Create Add-on User at the bottom most part of the page.

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