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Call Center

What are the Call Center Configuration options?

Call Center Services tool allows you to modify the telephone system features and options.

Telephone System Settings:

  •   Gazoop Call Answering Services- you have the ability to allow or disallow Gazoop's call answering services. You have the option to use our high quality dispatchers if your taxi fleet needs back-up on instances wherein it gets busy. We provide 24 hours taxi dispatch service.
  •   Ring-Only Mode- you have the option to use ring only mode or use hold music/automated IVR
  •   IVR Bookings (Clients & Public)- you can choose to use automated bookings to your regular clients or use dispatcher services to the public.
  •   Enable Voicemail - if enabled, your customers can leave a voicemail for queries or if wanting to book a taxi or just about anything.
  •   Connect to Voicemail - it lets you select from the list of how many minutes you want customers to be connected to a voicemail if had been put on hold for a long time.
  •   Opening Script- you can customize your own welcome spiel. Ex. "Thank you for calling Yellow Cab, this is (dispatcher name), how can I help you?
  •   New Welcome Identity- you can upload a file for new welcome identity.
  •   IVR Voice- choose from American to British voice.
  •   Music on hold- choose from the list from jazz to acoustic to holiday music.
  •   Blind Dispatcher - incoming calls will be redirected to a dispatcher if this feature is Enabled while customers will hear a voice prompt and it's options for transfer if disabled.

Email Services Settings: You can allow or disallow Gazoop email answering services.

Select from the number of minutes unanswered and then can be transferred to Gazoop.

You have the option to transfer the email back to General Department or keep it in the Gazoop Department.

Call Transfer Options: transfer to a specific number for a certain department or the main office for example or transfer to drivers or staff if family members wanting to speak to a staff or transfer to the main office for customer complaints.

Don't forget to click Update Features & Permissions tab below to save the changes you've made.

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How do I receive calls on my mobile or telephone when calls go to the Gazoop system?

Once you have set-up your calls with a dedicated Gazoop telephone number, or configured an existing number to forward to the Gazoop system, you can receive calls by entering your telephone number in the settings button at the top right of any page like so:

Select "Phone Number" and enter your telephone number in international format. Once complete, hit "Change Telephone Number". 

You should then change your "Dispatcher Status" at the top of every page to "Available" when you are ready to take calls.

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What is Call Logs?

One of our latest feature ? the Call Logs, allows you to access every call recording from your dispatchers. 

You just need to select Internal Dispatchers (your in-house dispatchers) or if you're using our Gazoop dispatchers select this option to listen to call recordings.

To access Call Logs;
  •   Go to Administration.
  •   Choose Call Center .
  •   click Call Logs.

Once you have clicked Call Logs, you will see the page below;

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How do I block a phone number from calling in?

To block a caller from calling in you must first locate their customer account in "Customers > Manage". If they do not have a customer account, create a customer account with the said phone number.

Once created, locate the customer linked to the phone number and select the status inactive or blocked.

Tip: You can create a single customer called "Banned" and use the multi-phone number feature within the customer account to add to a list of blocked numbers.

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Why can I not add my telephone number?

For our services to work your telephone provider must send us OCN information (Originally Called Number), this is also known as RDNIS (Redirected Dialed Number Information Service). If, when attempting to forward calls to one of our global shared lines, you receive an audio prompt that says "Your telephone provider did not send us the Originally Called Number, please contact your provider to enable this, and try again later.", this means the information is not being sent to us and therefore we can not distinguish where this call originally came from.

In these circumstances, you should call your telephone provider and ask them to enable OCN or RDNIS information on all forwarded calls from your telephone or mobile number.

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How do I divert calls to Gazoop from my mobile phone?

Start a phone call on your phone and dial *002*(Gazoop Number)#

For example, in the US you would dial *002*8506845055#

To cancel call forwarding, simply dial #002#

Once you have configured the forwarding once, in the future you can just dial *002# as it will remember the call forwarding number. We strongly recommend adding #002# and *002# as contacts within your phone for quick easy access.

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How do I divert calls to Gazoop from my office phone or landline?

Divert All Calls: Start a phone call and dial *21*(Gazoop Number)# and wait for the prompt, then hang up.

Divert Unanswered Calls: Start a phone call and dial *61*(Gazoop Number)#and wait for the prompt, then hang up.

Divert Engaged Calls: Start a phone call and dial *67*(Gazoop Number)#and wait for the prompt, then hang up.

We highly recommend you complete all three above, otherwise concurrent callers may not be connected through to our services.

For example, in the US you would dial *21*8506845055#then *61*8506845055# and finally *67*8506845055#

To cancel call forwarding, simply dial #21# (All Calls), #61# (Unanswered Calls), and #27# (Engaged Calls).

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What is IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, is an automated telephone system in the form of a voice prompt. It allows customers to access information through the phone. It has a menu of prerecorded options that a caller can choose from.

What can customers do via the Automated IVR?

  •   Book Jobs - Including Instant and Pre-book jobs based on previous Pickup/Dropoff Locations.
  •   Update Card Information - The customer will be invited to update credit card details on their account.
  •   Get Booking Status - The system will automatically tell the customer the position in the queue, how far away the driver is, or when a pre-book is scheduled.
  •   Cancel a Job - The customer can cancel any jobs pending directly using the automated IVR system.
  •   Speak to a Dispatcher - The customer can press * at any time to speak to a dispatcher (local or Gazoop).

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Does Gazoop offer number porting services?

We do not currently offer number porting services, if you wish to port your number and use free VoIP calling to our services, please enquire with:

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Can I use Gazoop's call center service even if my taxi fleet is based outside the US or UK?

Yes, we provide the ability to transfer calls to either a US or UK number. Please be aware call transfers may cost per minute unless you have an all inclusive package. If you are based in another country, we may be able to provide you a local contact center number, please reach out to our support team for clarification.

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What is call receiving tool?

The Call Receiving pop-up is used by your in-house dispatchers and it's an easy tool to use.

Your dispatchers can access booking notes, autofill, create new bookings and check booking history of customers.

You can click the green phone icon if you wish to minimize or maximize the active call pop-up window.

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Why does my dispatcher status remain as Away even when changing to Available?

The top status bar is related to your use of our call center technology and VoIP accounts, if you wish to take calls for your fleet using our telephone services you can setup a VoIP account on your PC with a headset and callers information will auto-populate. Until you have a VoIP account setup your status will always remain as Away, it doesn't influence anything else but your accounts ability to accept phone calls.

If you have already set-up your VoIP account and wanting to take calls you need to ensure you go in to "Settings" and select your correct VoIP account you are using, then you can change your status to Available.

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I already have a VoIP system/provider, how do I integrate it with Gazoop?

If you would like to take advantage of the Caller Line Identity (CLI) Pop-up's, the booking call recordings, or the Gazoop Dispatcher Answering Service, but already have a VoIP provider you want to use to patch across calls or receive calls through, here are some instructions on how to do this.

Step 1 - Send Calls from your VoIP to Gazoop
In order to forward your calls to Gazoop you will need to point your VoIP number to our system by using either a phone number (dedicated or shared), or a SIP address we provide. If your VoIP provider supports RDNIS, you can use our Free Call Forwarding numbers, otherwise, you may need to purchase a dedicated phone number from us. If your VoIP provider supports passing calls via SIP then you should create a dedicated SIP address to set your phone number to point to. You can choose an option, or order a phone number by going to "Call Center" > "Phone Numbers" 

Step 2 - Receive calls from Gazoop to your VoIP
You have two options for receiving calls from Gazoop to your internal dispatchers. One method, the easiest, is by using the plain old telephone system and entering your dispatchers telephone number and we will call you directly and patch the call. Of course, this does cost per minute for the outbound call, and if you already have a VoIP system in place, this may not be ideal. A free solution is to send calls from Gazoop back to your VoIP account which incurs no outbound minute charge. To do this you must obtain a public SIP URI for your VoIP account. This is usually in the format of:
If you have an Asterisk system, simply ensure you have allowguest=yes and ensure the "myusername" is set to something complex in your dialplan for security reasons, and send all other calls to hangup. If you are using a third party hosted solution, you should reach out to them and ask for a Public SIP URI to receive anonymous calls from the internet for your VoIP account/telephone. You can also link them to this page. 
Once you have this SIP URI (looks similar to an email address), login to the dispatchers account and click "Settings" at the top of the screen, then click "IP URI" and enter your complete SIP URI in the field "New SIP URI" and hit the blue Change button once completed, as shown below.

Once complete, go back and hit the green "Start Taking Calls", when calls arrive your dispatchers will see the following tools:


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How do I answer calls from within my web browser?

When you have changed your status to Available, you will be diverted to a page where the browser will ask to use you Microphone, click Accept and tick the box shown if one is available to remember your choice.

Once done, when calls are connected they will appear as below:

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