Why must I provide a Google Maps API Key?

Google have made changes to their licensing terms which took effect in July 2018 which meant that if you had not yet provided an API key in AdminData Providers your Google services may stop working.

In order to resolve this, you should go to the following URL to obtain an API Key for Google Maps, Places, and Server/Routing (You only need 1 API Key): https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/#get-started

You should tick all three options but if you did not and need need to know which services to enable, please seek this FAQ: https://www.gazoop.com/support/23/administration/207/data_providers/685/what_google_api_services_must_i_enable

Once you have obtained your key, go to AdminData Providers and enter your Google Maps Key in three different sections as shown:

  1. Enter in to Mapping Software:
  2. Enter in Address Lookup section:
  3. Finally, enter in to Routing Section:

Make sure after entering and selecting all your options you click Update Data Providers at the end of the page.

Google Maps Fees

Google provides $200 USD free credit per month, for most customers this will mean the service will be free of charge. However, you should monitor your usage to prevent any unexpected bills for using this service, just as you do with any other 3rd party service you enable with Gazoop.