What are the changes I can make through the branding page?

The Company Information page lets you modify and customize your default company information.

You can modify the following:
  • Taxi Firm Name - you can update your taxi firm name ex fr "Demo Taxis" to "Dial A Ride".
  • Company Registration Number - ex. 1234567>this will be displayed at the bottom of your invoices.
  • Taxi Firm Telephone Number - phone number used by customers to call for a cab or call dispatch.
  • Default Country - the country your taxi fleet is located and you can choose from the drop down list.
  • Default Timezone - this is important in setting up bookings for your customers.
  • Default Telephone Prefix - this is the first set of digits after the country and area code of your telephone number.
  • Taxi Firm Logo - you can download your taxi firm logo. This is important in identifying your taxi fleet.

    -(Click Update Company Information tab below the page to save the changes.)