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Managing Jobs

I am in Available Status, but I'm not getting any jobs, why?

There are a few reasons why you might not be getting any jobs in the Available state, you should follow this list to work out the issue:
  •   There could be no jobs in the queue. If the fleet has enabled this try clicking "Bookings Queue" and you should see all jobs currently awaying a driver, if you can not, call dispatch to find out the queue length.
  •   Your driver settings are incorrectly set, click on "My Settings" and ensure your vehicle size and type is correct, for example, if you've been left with the default of 1 passenger and 0 cases, then any jobs requiring more will not be sent to you.
  •   You might not be scheduled to work at this time, call dispatch and ask them to check your schedule settings on your account.
  •   Your pickup radius set on your account may not be reaching jobs currently in the queue. Please ask an administrator to check your "Pickup Radius" setting on your profile.
  •   Automatic Dispatch maybe disabled by the fleet administrator, meaning jobs must be manually allocated by a dispatcher. You should speak to an administrator to confirm.
  • If you continue to face issues and the above list of potential issues does not help you resolve the problem, please contact support.

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    How do I update my current vehicle information?

    It is important to update your current vehicle to cater to customers needs since the system will automatically detect a certain job if it is suited to your vehicle.  For example if you were in a 7 seat vehicle and you changed to a 5 seat vehicle and a job comes in for 6 passengers so obviously you will not be able to cater for them and will result in a negative feedback from the customer.

    To update your current vehicle information:

  •   Click My Profile 
  •   Enter your new vehicle information such as registration plate, care make, model, color, car type, no. of passengers, cases and click yes if wheelchair accessible.
  •   Click Return to Homepage to save.

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    How do I accept a new job?

    To accept a new job, your status must be Available and are scheduled to work.  

    This is how a new job request will look like.  Just click Start Job to accept new job request.

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    How do I complete a job?

  •   Click Current Job.  
  •   Once you have reached the pick-up location and customer enters the vehicle, please click "Marked as Picked Up" tab.
  •   Once you've finally arrived at your destination, click Marked as Completed.
  •   If drop off address has changed, choose Update to Current Location so the app will update to the nearest address based on your GPS. If drop off address is correct then click This is the correct drop off.
  •   Choose Payment Method.  For example;cash.
  •   Click End Job tab to complete the job.

  • *If customer wishes to get a copy of their receipt, ask for customer's email address if email has not been entered and hit End Job and receipt will automatically be sent to customer.

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    How to cancel an active job?

    To cancel an active job, driver must be either be "Approaching Location" or "En Route to Drop Off" status.  For any other status, advise customer to contact dispatch.  

    Go to Current Job, then click Cancel Job tab.

    (Choose reason for cancellation, ex.customer no show)

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    What is Drop Job?

    Drop Job allows a job to be placed back in the queue for another driver to take over.  Use drop job in cases where you're unable to complete the job but the customer still needs to be picked up.  You have 2 minutes to drop job after accepting it for the "Accepted by Accident" option.

    Your status must be en-route to pick-up or approaching pick-up, otherwise you should contact dispatch to drop the job for another driver.

    •   Click Current Job.
    •   Then click Drop Job.
    •   Choose Reason for Dropping Job.

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    How do I check a flight status through the driver app?

    For airport jobs, you will receive push alerts on flight changes such as delayed flights, cancelled, time of arrival and diversions.

    You will receive flight status for airport jobs you are currently in or have been pre-assigned to you.

    Below is an example of the push alert, and you can press OK to close the alert.

    Another way of checking the flight information from your smartphone when you're in a job;

    •   Go to Current Job.
    •   Choose Additional Actions tab.
    •   Click Flight Information tab to view flight information as shown below.

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    How do I add a via point through the driver app?

    Adding a Via Point allows the pricing quotes to be accurate if customer wishes to make a stop before heading to their final destination.  

    You can only mark a drop-off point when you are in the "En-route to Drop-off" status, and you are at the drop-off point as it will use your current GPS co-ordinates to log this.
    To add a Via Point;

    •   Click Current Job (from your smartphone).
    •   Choose Additional Actions tab.
    •   Then click the purple Add Via Point button.
    The driver application will then automatically add the via point address. 

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    How do I change the base fare price through the driver app?

    To change the base fare price through driver application;

    •   Click Mark as Completed and This is the correct drop- off button(if no need to change drop-off location).
    •   Click the red button saying Change Base Fare Amount.
    •   You will then be redirected to the page shown below, and you can modify the fare table, click Commit Base Fare Change to save the changes.
    The black Reset Base Fare Charge will re-calculate the fare price based on the route distance and the fare table selected, this is useful if you wish to recalculate a saved price due to additional drops. 

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    How do I charge Add-on items through driver app?

    To charge Add-on items through the driver application;

  •   Click Current Job.
  •   Click Mark as Completed button.
  •   Choose This is the correct drop-off.
  •   Choose the blue button saying Add Extra Items to Fare Price.
  •   Click the item to add such as car parking fees, vehicle soiling and variable quantity items and enter the amount you wish to charge customer.  This is also useful for customers requesting to keep the meter running while waiting for them.
  •   Click Add Item to Fare.

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    What are Second Jobs in the driver application?

    Second jobs are those that you can accept while already working on a job.  This could be airport, pre-book or instant jobs depending on the mode your fleet has enabled.

    When you have accepted a second job, once you've completed the first job you are currently working on, the second job will automatically be active.

    To Accept a Second Job, just click Queue Job once you've received a pop-up that says Queued Job Request.

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    What if it's easier for me to do the Second Job first?

    •   Go to Additional Actions.
    •   Click the button that says Swap Active Job.
    *Your second job will take the place from your current job.  Once the second job is completed, the original job will be assigned back to you.

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    How do I accept an Allocated Job through the driver app?

    An Allocated Job is a job that is assigned to the driver.  You have 3 options to choose when you receive an Allocation Request.

    You can click Accept, Reject or Ignore.

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    How do I start an Allocated Job early through the driver app?

    •   Go to My Allocations.
    •   Click the Green row, then click Start Job button once it appears.

    The blue row, is your Pending Allocation Request.  Click on the blue row, if you want to respond to the job allocation request.

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    How do I start a hailed ride through the driver app?

    If your fleet has enabled hailed rides, in your homescreen;

    •   Choose Hailed Ride.
    •   Click Create Job to create the booking.

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    How do I update my vehicle mileage through the driver app?

    From your Homescreen;

    •   Click My Mileage.
    •   You have 3 options to select from Start Shift Log, End Shift Log, and Generic Log.
    •   Enter Your Current Mileage.
    •   Click Send Mileage Information to log.

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    How do I view my Job History through the driver app?

    From your Homescreen, click Job History to retrieve the list of jobs on a day to day basis.

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    How do I flag a job through the driver app?

    This is the tool to use when you need to flag a specific booking so dispatchers and your administration will be informed.  Examples of flagging a job are accidentally cashing out at the incorrect price, or customers being extremely rude.

    •   Go to Current Job from your homescreen.
    •   Choose Additional Actions.
    •   Click the red "Flag Current Job" button.
    •   Enter Notes for your report.
    •   Click Apply Flag Marker.

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