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Why am I unable to get an Accurate GPS Location?

In order to do certain actions within the driver application you need to have a GPS co-ordinate with an accuracy within 50 to 100 meters. There are various factors that may impact your ability to transmit to our servers your correct and accurate GPS, so please do check these before logging a support ticket.

1. Have you enabled GPS/Location Services on your device?
2. Have you allowed Gazoop's Application access to your Location Services?
3. Do you have WiFi enabled? (This helps with GPS accuracy greatly, especially in populated areas)
4. Do you have other applications running that require GPS? If so, try closing these.
5. Have you attempted restarting your device? Sometimes GPS hardware may fail when over-used and restarting can resolve this.
6. Does your device actually have a GPS chip in it? Some devices may only obtain locations via WiFi triangulation, which is accurate if you are within a WiFi network area.

If none of the above helps, please do reach out to our support team to escalate this further.

Important Notice about Apple iPad and iPad Mini without cellular:

iPad Mini's and iPad's without cellular capabilities do not have a GPS chip and rely on location estimates based on WiFi networks, you would need to get a cellular enabled iPad in order to get accurate GPS locations.

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iOS - Location Services are not working?

We've been advised of a bug in iOS8 that causes location services permissions to not work correctly. In order to resolve this issue you should do the following on each device:

  •   Go to Settings.
  •   Go to General.
  •   Go to Reset.
  •   Click Reset Location & Privacy at the bottom of the list.
  •   Enter your passcode if appropriate.
  • Then re-open Gazoop and click Yes to the popup asking if we are allowed to track your location.

    This will resolve most location tracking facing issues with iOS.

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    How do I increase the font size of the driver application?

    You can increase the font size within the driver application by going to "My Profile" > "Large Font" and changing this to on.

    This setting will take effect on all devices your account is authenticated on.

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    Why are there no GPS logs for my booking and why do I sometimes not see the driver on the live map update?

    GPS Logging requires a persistent internet stream for our servers to receive GPS historical data for trips your drivers work.

    Some devices and mobile networks may even suspend a data stream after some time, for example, iOS has been known to stop sending location data after a period of time if the application is not at the forefront (back grounding or the device is put to sleep mode).

    We recommend to always ensure you get GPS data you adopt the following policies:

    1. When on a job, ensure the application is docked in your car, on charge, and the Gazoop Driver Applications remains open throughout the job session.
    2. Ensure both Wifi and Mobile Data is enabled, without these GPS location data maybe inaccurate and/or data may not be transmitted back to the server.
    3. You can check if the driver is logging in and out repeatedly than keeping the app open by going to Driver > Logs and seeking the period you are searching logs for.
    4. If conducting a long trip, it is a good idea to use a separate navigation equipment to your Gazoop Driver Application due to some manufacturer limitations on tracking abilities on back grounding applications.

    There are also android devices which have additional settings to save battery life, a guide to tweak these settings can be found here:

    If you find that it works fine for some drivers and not others, this is likely a user or device issue and further guidance can be found here. However, if the logging issue effects all users of different device types, please do reach out to Gazoop Support who can escalate this matter for you.

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    iOS - Why are the notifications slow?

    Push notifications are delivered by the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). This service is run by Apple, not by Gazoop. When a triggering event occurs in Gazoop (e.g. new message, new job offer, changed to no answer) we send the notification to Apple for delivery through APNS via PushWoosh, and they are responsible for pushing the notification to your device in a timely fashion. As Gazoop does not control the uptime of APNS, we cannot guarantee that all push notifications will be delivered, or delivered in a timely fashion.

    If you are not getting any push notifications, please verify that Notifications are enabled for Gazoop. From the iPhone home screen:

    •   Tap the Settings app (gears icon) 
    •   Tap Notifications
    •   Locate Gazoop in the list and tap it
    •   Under Alert Style, make sure either Banners or Alerts are enabled, depending on your preference
    •   If you continue to experience difficulties after confirming that notifications are enabled in Gazoop, please confirm that you have enabled push notification in iOS as well.

    Important Note:- The Gazoop Driver app relies on two separate systems to receive jobs so long as you have the app on the foreground and not in the background. If the push notifications are facing issues, keeping the app open will ensure job requests are received on time. If you are unable to receive job notifications via Push or with the application open, please check your internet connection stability.

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    How do I extend or loop the new job alert audio?

    You can loop the driver notification alert by going to the drivers mobile app and clicking "My Profile" > "Loop Alert Audio" and checking this on.

    When this is on, the audio will continually loop until either the job is accepted, the job is no longer available, or the job is missed or ignored.

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