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FAQ for Agents

How do I work with Gazoop Call Answering?

You will need to create an account at first, once set-up, go to "Become a Gazoop Agent" and complete the admissions process.

1. Agree to the Contracts
2. Upload Identification Documents
3. Complete your Profile

Once you have completed the steps above, you will then be able to take calls from any Gazoop Client who elects to patch calls to either your call queue level or if they favourite your profile.

Gazoop Clients can also elect to message you directly if they have concerns or interested in favouring you.

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What does becoming a Favourite Agent mean?

If a client marks you as a favourite agent, then all calls they offer Gazoop will be prioritised to you and fellow favourite agents. This means that even if there are many agents logged in, you will always receive their calls first. Better yet, you will also receive your highest eligible pay level, even if the client has elected only to offer calls to a lower level.

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What does becoming a blocked agent mean?

Clients have the ability to block certain agents, this means if they feel the quality you offer does not meet their needs or you do not offer the type of service they want, they can elect to block you from taking their calls. You want to avoid being blocked by clients as this will reduce the volume of calls you may receive. If you are blocked by too many clients you may have your Gazoop Agent Services Agreement terminated.

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Am I given training before taking calls?

Yes, you will be invited to participate in the Gazoop Basics and Using the Gazoop Call System courses when you are logged in by going to "My Courses", this is generally a self paced course and will show on your profile once you enrol and complete this.

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Are there any costs involved in working with Gazoop?

As with any business to business opportunity you will have your own expenditure, for example, computer, internet, electricity, computer headsets, etc. However, as you can work from anywhere you will be reducing your commuting bill. You may be required to pay for certain optional courses which may help bolster your profile to become more favourites by clients, but this is optional. We do not charge any upfront costs prior to working.

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Are my calls quality checked?

Occasionally, and you may receive complaint feedback from clients too. These are displayed to you when you commence servicing from your agent overview screen, it is important you review any feedback given.

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How much can I earn?

Gazoop pays agents on a per call basis for valid calls answered. The amounts you earn vary depending on demand and depending on your quality. You have total influence over the quantity of calls you take, the more calls you answer, the higher level you are given and the more favourite markers you receive which will bolster your call volume.

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What hours do I have to service?

You can service 24/7 and do not need to book slots, you can login at any time to commence servicing. We do however recommend you keep your profile schedule hours up to date and profile with any information about breaks or holidays so that clients are aware when you expect to be servicing. We do not have any maximum limits, however we do ask that you service at least 1 hour per week.

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What equipment do I need to take calls?

You will need any modern computer with web browser capabilities, you will need a fast broadband connection, and a high quality headset. It is important you check your headset quality before taking calls, many clients block agents who have poor headset qualities and once blocked rarely unblocked. First impressions are very important!

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Do I need a VoIP phone or software?

No, you are able to take calls using your web browser, for example, using Chrome. You must always keep the call receiving system open otherwise you will not receive calls.

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