Did You Know?

What are the Call Center Configuration options?

Call Center Services tool allows you to modify the telephone system features and options.

Telephone System Settings:

  • Gazoop Call Answering Services- you have the ability to allow or disallow Gazoop's call answering services. You have the option to use our high quality dispatchers if your taxi fleet needs back-up on instances wherein it gets busy. We provide 24 hours taxi dispatch service.
  • Ring-Only Mode- you have the option to use ring only mode or use hold music/automated IVR
  • IVR Bookings (Clients & Public)- you can choose to use automated bookings to your regular clients or use dispatcher services to the public.
  • Enable Voicemail - if enabled, your customers can leave a voicemail for queries or if wanting to book a taxi or just about anything.
  • Connect to Voicemail - it lets you select from the list of how many minutes you want customers to be connected to a voicemail if had been put on hold for a long time.
  • Opening Script- you can customize your own welcome spiel. Ex. "Thank you for calling Yellow Cab, this is (dispatcher name), how can I help you?
  • New Welcome Identity- you can upload a file for new welcome identity.
  • IVR Voice- choose from American to British voice.
  • Music on hold- choose from the list from jazz to acoustic to holiday music.
  • Blind Dispatcher - incoming calls will be redirected to a dispatcher if this feature is Enabled while customers will hear a voice prompt and it's options for transfer if disabled.

Email Services Settings: You can allow or disallow Gazoop email answering services.

Select from the number of minutes unanswered and then can be transferred to Gazoop.

You have the option to transfer the email back to General Department or keep it in the Gazoop Department.

Call Transfer Options: transfer to a specific number for a certain department or the main office for example or transfer to drivers or staff if family members wanting to speak to a staff or transfer to the main office for customer complaints.

Don't forget to click Update Features & Permissions tab below to save the changes you've made.