Did You Know?

What is IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, is an automated telephone system in the form of a voice prompt. It allows customers to access information through the phone. It has a menu of prerecorded options that a caller can choose from.

What can customers do via the Automated IVR?

  • Book Jobs - Including Instant and Pre-book jobs based on previous Pickup/Dropoff Locations.
  • Update Card Information - The customer will be invited to update credit card details on their account.
  • Get Booking Status - The system will automatically tell the customer the position in the queue, how far away the driver is, or when a pre-book is scheduled.
  • Cancel a Job - The customer can cancel any jobs pending directly using the automated IVR system.
  • Speak to a Dispatcher - The customer can press * at any time to speak to a dispatcher (local or Gazoop).