What is Gazoop Networking?

Gazoop Networking features allows you to send jobs you are unable to complete yourself directly to other fleets and earn in a way that is fully managed and trackable within your own system as if you were completing the job.

This has many benefits:

  • You can track all your bookings within the same panels, whether completed by yourself or by a 3rd party network partner.
  • Your customers can track and manage their bookings via the exact same methods without realising its passed to a 3rd party (E.g. via mobile apps, your website, or even with a Gazoop Telephone Dispatcher).
  • You can also see the job live in your dispatcher screens, even though its being managed by a 3rd party.
  • You can bill jobs sent to 3rd parties via your usual standard account billing terms, and be charged automatically by other fleet by account allowing you to earn money on jobs passed on.
  • Additionally, networks can add a commission or payout for jobs sent across, this could be flat fee or a percentage, and this is automatically calculated and invoiced for payment as a credit for cash fares, or as a discount for account jobs.
  • Lastly, you can network with an unlimited number of taxi firms, meaning you do not have to worry about the quantity of jobs you take as you can simply pass them on to other fleets without worry and fully trackable and managed.