How do I put my fleet on the public listings for other fleets to send me jobs?

In order to receive jobs from other Gazoop users and advertise on our public listings list, you need to go to "Advanced Integrations"> "Networking"> "Manage my Public Listing"

Once on this page you will be asked to fill in a variety of information including:

  • Show Public Profile - This allows you to modify if your page is listed on the public directory or not. Fleets can still request to network with you but must enter an invitation ID instead.
  • Allow New Fleets - This allows you to specify if those who network with you are automatically created and can place bookings immediately, or if you want to manually approve each application. You are sent an email via the ticket system upon each sign-up with either configuration option, however with requiring approval you need to go in to their customer profile and change their status from Pending to Active.
  • Your Public Listing Content -  This is where you should put in important information other fleets need to decide whether they can entrust their customers bookings with your firm. This should include information such as how many drivers? Where you are located? What areas do you cover? What services do you offer? Why your firm should be preferred compared to others? Etc.
  • Payout Per Completed Job (Flat) - This is a flat fee you will pay out as commission for each completed job. 
  • Payout Per Completed Job (Percentage) - This is a percentage you will payout as commission for each completed job, this is pre-tax if applicable and does not include add-on items you have marked as commission unable to be earned on (such as parking).
  • Payout Terms - This should include details about how often you pay out commission for cash-only fares, if you offer account billing and if so, the process of applying for this, and any other important information. Gazoop does not get involved in ensuring payment is made or received, this is up to each fleet to manage on their own.
  • Auto-Enable Credit/Account Jobs - This options allows you to specify if fleets who join your network are automatically granted credit/account job abilities, and thus, you invoice the fleet per your standard billing terms.
  • Default Fare Table - This allows you to specify the fare table that your Network Partners are defaulted to when they request quotes, you could leave this as default, or you could offer different pricing for partners.