How do I track and/or revoke a booking allocated to a networking partner?

When you have located a booking in your system allocated to a network partner, click either of the two buttons that say "Access Booking in Fleet System" an example is shown below:

Once clicked you will be shown a screen very similar to a normal booking except with some important differences. 

Firstly, a big green banner will make it clear this is a Network Job and not a local job, even though the screens are almost identical. You will have access to see the drivers details, the job notes, the status of the journey, etc. 

If you want to revoke the job from the network partner, you have the option here to click "Revoke Job from Network Partner Only", this ensures the job remains active in your account but only cancels it with the network partner.

If however the customer wants to cancel the job in whole, you can click "Return to original Booking" and use the standard Cancel Booking button, this will automatically send notification to the Network Partner also of the cancellation in addition to cancelling within your own system.