How do I enable booking confirmations for every job I send to the Network Partner?

If you want all jobs confirmed by a network partner you should go in to the fleet network management panel in "Advanced Integration"> "Networking"> Select the fleet appropriate.

Once loaded, you must toggle the option "Booking Confirmations:"

If you trust the fleet to refuse jobs appropriately and do not wish to enforce a 24 hour timer for confirmation, select no. If you want the fleet to confirm each booking placed, select Yes. If they do not hit confirm within 24 hours, the job will be bounced back to your fleet.

Caveats - if the job is due within 24 hours, this option becomes obsolete unless the fleet doesn't complete the job in time. The moment the job is accepted by a driver, it is by default deemed confirmed.

You will not receive a confirmation if a booking is confirmed, however, the booking notes will show a new transaction called "Confirmed" with the full name of the dispatcher who confirmed the booking. In addition, if the booking is refused, you will continue to refuse the same message you always receive on refusal. If its an automatic refusal, this will be made known in the reason for refusal.