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What is Newest Clients?

Newest customers can be found at the top left hand side and lists the most recently created accounts for your fleet. The type will show as either a parent, as shown below, or as a child account which will show a different icon. The customers name can be clicked to access the customers account. The sign-up Method shows the way the customer signed up, whether this be via the mobile app or through one of your dispatchers. The booking status shows if their first booking on their account was successful or not, or if a booking has even been placed. A green tick shows a completed job, a red forbidden icon shows it was cancelled or not completed.

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How do I access emails from customers?

You can access, create and manage your emails or support tickets with customers through Customers > Support.

You can see the different tabs which allows you to check email Require Response, if it's In-Progress, you can check Flagged Tickets and Recent Tickets.

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How do I export Customer Data in to a CSV file?

The owner account of the fleet can export a copy of the customer data to use in 3rd party marketing software by going to Customers > Manage and clicking the "Export to CSV" button found at the bottom of the page.

This button will not appear for any other user except for the owner account.

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What is Reports Requiring a Response?

These are the reports logged via the Client Support option that has the status of "Complaint", "Escalated", or "Customer Responded". These can be done by your in-house team or by the Gazoop dispatch for issues that are not related to a booking or where the flag option is not appropriate.

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