Transport For London Changes - 1st October 2016

Per the new TFL Guidance found here: we include the following important information to ensure you comply.

1. Booking confirmation

While our customer mobile applications do include a photograph of the driver, we understand many customers using Gazoop have not yet purchased a customer application. In these circumstances, you can send the relevant driver photograph via SMS message in either the Allocation or Approaching notification. Simply use the the tag {photo} and it will replace for the full URL of the drivers photograph.

The same above also applies to driver license and taxi license, you can also send this information via SMS if you are not relying on your customer application by using the following tags in your SMS messages:


You can update this, and the expiration dates, from within the drivers profile in Drivers Management.

2. Provision of contact facilities

We are aware that many of our smaller fleets may be effected by the following requirement:

"Private hire operators must ensure that passengers are able to speak (verbally) to someone at their operating centre if they want to make a complaint or discuss any other matter about their booking. That service must be available at all times during the operator's hours of business and at all times during a passenger's journey."

Gazoop can step in to assist you during times you are busy on other calls, or your out of hours times. Additionally, for fleets where the owner may be unable to take the call due to driving (POB), you need to ensure there is someone available to speak verbally to the customer. You can take a look at our various pricing options on a per call basis at the following page - our dispatchers will log all complaints required by the policy change, in addition, will take new bookings, make adjustments, and take payments where required. We have, for our UK fleets, enabled the following option in the Call Center Confirmation > "Enabled - Offer Gazoop Dispatcher or Voicemail". This will advise customers if their issue is urgent they can press 1 to speak to the global support team, or advise them to leave a voicemail. As it offers the option to the customer to speak to a real person if they should choose to, we feel this complies with this policy.

To enable the Call Answering Services, please go to Administration > Call Center and change "Gazoop Call Answering" to true, you can find more information on call forwarding your lines to us from within these pages also or in our knowledgebase.

3. Changes to private hire operating model

You will need to inform TFL of your use of the Gazoop system and any adjustments you make, for example, introducing a new booking method via App, Kiosk, Telephone, etc. 

4. Basic disclosure check for some staff

We have added the ability to upload a PDF or image of a drivers Disclosure Scotland Background Check in drivers accounts under the "Background Check File" field. 

5. Submitting Driver and Vehicle Information

We do not yet have enough information to advise on this.

6. Record keeping

Gazoop keeps all logs for life for as long as you have an active balance with us. For more information please seek our Terms and Conditions regarding data retention. We always recommend keeping your own offline back-ups.

7. Other requirements

a. Pre-agreed Pricing :- Supported via all booking methods except SMS bookings and Kiosk Bookings.
b. Destination Logged :- This is already a requirement in the Gazoop system.
c. 5 Brand Names :- Please be sure to check your Administration > Call Center > Telephone Numbers to ensure you only have 5 brand names that we answer calls under.