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We can offer customized per driver terms over any period.

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We can offer a variety of custom per booking fee options.

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Gazoop Features

All the features below are included with all of our Standard Plans.

Feature Description Premium Plan
Hosted Websites & Booking Widgets Gazoop Websites allows you to have a professionally designed and easy-to-edit website manager hosted by us. It also enables the ability to have an online bookings widget to place on your existing website if you choose not to use our pre-made sites.
Call Center Technology This tool allows you to enable CLI Popups so when callers ring their information is automatically populated in to your system. It also allows you to accept IVR bookings, give automated ride status updates, enable voicemail to your ticket system, and allows your dispatchers to take calls from any location in the world through your main office phone number.
Call Center - Recordings All calls are recorded and stored for this set duration only (contact us to increase): 24 Hours
Call Center - SIP Support This allows you to connect calls in to our system and patch calls to your dispatchers for free by using SIP Addresses instead of via Landline/Mobile. No support is offered with the use of SIP and is provided "as-is" and at your own risk.
In-Browser Call Taking Take phone calls directly from your computer by using your PC microphone and speaker or headset. No software installation required, just change your status to Available and calls will ring through your browser for you to accept or decline, anywhere in the world.
Customers - Allow Credit (Account Billing) Ability to complete and charge bookings to the customers account. This will raise an invoice for all "Account Billed" rides at every interval you set-up either globally or client specific. This is useful for corporate contracts where an invoice for all rides over the month must be billed in accordance to specific billing terms.
Customers - Signature on Job Completion This allows your drivers to obtain a signature from the customer at the end of the ride. You can also make a signature mandatory for just specific accounts if preferred. This includes storage for life and signatures can be seen against the booking screen by both staff and via the customer account.
Customers - VIP Levels This allows you to set specific colour codes to customers which will appear throughout the system, against bookings in the dispatcher screen, as well as at the top of the drivers device when accepting a job. This is useful if you wish to colour code certain customers for specific scenarios. It can also be used with advanced rule pricing, so certain customers with x VIP level may be charged different rates or have additional abilities as directed by your rules.
Customers - Payout Abilities This allows you to set an account to receive an on-going discount or payout for every booking placed on the account. For example, you may offer a restaurant, bar, or nightclub a commission for calling cabs through to your firm, this will automatically generate an earnings invoice for the customer. If the customer allows account work, a deduction in fee is made to the rate set to account for the payout.
Ticket & Email System This enables a ticket support system to handle all your inbound emails, SMS's, and voicemails. It allows your dispatchers to respond and handle queries centrally and transfer issues among each other in an organised, efficient, and logged manner. Every incident raised by a customer is given a reference number so if the customer queries a concern they can provide you a reference which will allow you to locate the communication chain they are referring to.
Licenses Manager The licenses manager is found in drivers accounts and allows you to upload, store, and track all of your drivers licenses, permits, expiration, and documentations. When a drivers expiration for a specific document is about to meet, we will send you a notification reminding you to check over the drivers account.
Live Driver Map Track drivers live on a map that refreshes every few seconds to see the current location, direction, and speed of the driver.
Driver Logs This tool allows you to see a step by step guide of all the actions a driver has taken, with the relevant location and speed, for each day they are working. This also shows the logs on a map so you can pin point exactly the routes the driver has gone and what they were doing at any given time.
Driver Messaging This allows you to send messages via email, SMS, or In-App Push Notification either in bulk, to online drivers only, or to specific drivers and track when they open the messages and any responses applicable with your message.
Vehicle Management The vehicle management tools allows you to assign drivers to specific vehicles they are unable to modify from within their driver app. It will let you see which driver is assigned to which vehicle, and you can upload pictures, documentations, and set dates for when renewals and expiration are met to allow you to ensure vehicles are legal and road worthy. It will also show these vehicles in the driver application so drivers can toggle between their vehicle easily from the front page of their apps.
Recurring Bookings This allows you to create bookings on an on-going basis, monthly, weekly, or daily. You can also specify a start and end date, and adjust these profiles at any time. This is ideal for regular school pickups, hospital appointments, or on-going work and saves you time having to repeatedly book the same ride over and over even in cases of the booking only being applicable for a month.
Flight Alerts This feature, which can be enabled or disabled at any time, allows your drivers to receive notifications on updates for the flight. It will also any action any relevant important changes, for example if a flight is delayed for 3 hours, it will ensure the time this booking is queued for the driver is delayed by 3 hours as well. If the flight is cancelled, we will automatically cancel the booking. This service does incur an additional fee and can be found in the standard pricing box above if this feature is enabled.
Invoicing & Billing Our invoicing and accounting package allows you to raise invoices, create pending transactions, and manage your full accounts within the Gazoop system. You also have abilities to export your invoicing records to put in to popular online account software such as Xero and Quickbooks. You can adjust the times invoices are sent out, ensure commissions are appropriately paid out to drivers, as well as automatically email all customers account billing invoices.
Add-on Fares This tool allows you to specify add-on's drivers are permitted to include on top of the fare price from within the driver application. This could be parking fees, waiting time, soiling, water, meet & greet, etc. You can specify if commission can be earned from the item or not, as well as whether the item is a set price or variable in amount or quantity,
Reports & Statistics Our reports & statistics include various amounts of data you can use at any time to get a better overview of your business, such reports include Revenue Report, Aging Invoices, Annual Income, Weekly Accounts, Invoice Reports, Customers Overview, Bookings Overview, and Billing Overview.
Facebook Booking Widget The Facebook booking widget allows you to add the ability for customers to authenticate their online accounts via your Facebook Page as well as place bookings immediately online without the need to login. We will also link up users Facebook images to their profile so that the driver can see the picture of the customer when they arrive at the customers location.
Kiosks Using a stand-alone android mobile, tablet, or any other device that supports full screen and locked web browser activity, you can enable a kiosk which can be placed at any location which supports customers requesting rides and tracking where their pickup is on a screen. You can also enable information screens, similar to those found in airports, for hotels for customers to see on a screen the status of their ride. You can place kiosks at any location and have various modes, from full screens to big buttons that can be pressed by bar staff on an small mobile device that automatically books rides. This can be linked to the Customer Payouts tool above if required.
3rd Party Integrations This supports using other services with Gazoop, for example, GloriaFoods to support taking food pick-up and delivery orders from local restaurants. The number of integrations supported is frequently changing based on demand from our customers.
Gazoop Networking Gazoop Networking allows you to exchange bookings with other Gazoop fleets around the world. You can offer commission payments to other fleets, or earn commissions for passing jobs over to other jobs. All bookings are placed within your system and as far as the customer sees is being controlled and handled by yourself. When you go in to the booking in your system, you can generate a quite price for your network partner before deciding if you wish to pass it across, if you do, your system will be updated with all the system notices as to the status and the job will still appear in your dispatcher screen albeit being handled by the third party. You can also access the third parties system notes from within this booking too and can revoke the job from them at any time. If you cancel the booking in your system, or make any changes, these changes are reflected back and forth.
Staff Accounts You can create additional staff accounts for your system, for example, dispatchers who will be taking phone calls remotely, or administrators who need to help with your accounting. You simply invite them by email address in to your system where we invite them to create a Gazoop account. Once created, they can login and use your system at the permission level you set. You will be able to enable staff billing so that you can pay out to agents per call, or per week, and automatically raise invoices as appropriate.
Staff Messaging This allows you to send bulk notices to all staff accounts from one central location that is fully logged. This is useful if you want to send updates on changes, notices, or need to alert online staff members of important details. When staff login a popup shows that they have unread messages and can reply to you directly if they need to.
Staff Marketplace The staff marketplace allows you to find dispatchers from anywhere around the world who is prepared to help support take calls using our call centre technology either on a per call or per week basis. You can negotiate payment terms, method, and other details directly with these staff members as well as view their public profiles which includes photos and audio recordings of their voice to assist in your vetting processes. These staff members on the marketplace are independent 3rd parties and are not endorsed nor supported by Gazoop.
Hailed Rides This allows drivers to take and log hailed runs from within their driver applications, if the hailed ride decides to pay by card at the end of the journey then the driver will be able to create a customer account for the passenger, otherwise it will show as "Hailed Ride" with no customer account.
Mileage Log This tool allows drivers to log their start, custom, and end of shift vehicle mileage within their driver history logs.
Instant Bookings This allows you to take bookings that require a pick-up ASAP or Instantly, it will show the current wait time and automatically be queued for a driver to pick-up the customer.
Scheduled Bookings Scheduled Bookings, or commonly known as Pre-Bookings, allows you to place bookings in to your system for a future date or time. For example, if a customer wants an airport pick-up and return the following week. This allows you to see a calendar of all upcoming journeys and pre-allocate and assign jobs in the future to drivers who will see these in their My Assignments tool.
Airport Bookings Airport Bookings allows you to enter Airline, Flight, and Terminal information. When placing this booking, the flight details are displayed and stored on the booking view screen. If you have flight alerts enabled, these bookings will also be tracked with airline systems to reflect any important changes such as diversions, cancellations, and delays.
Gazoop.IT Customer App The Gazoop.IT Customer Application allows you to have an application you can give out to your customers who can book instant or scheduled rides at any time. They can track their booking progress and cancel any active rides. All messages from your system usually sent via SMS will now send via Push Notification free of charge if the customer has the Gazoop.IT application installed. You will be given a dedicated installation link to give out to new customers, or alternatively, you can invite customers to search "Gazoop.IT" in their app stores and scan a QR Code which you can include on a business card or other vehicle livery
Automatic Dispatch The Gazoop system will automatically try to distribute unassigned rides to the best available driver that is nearest to the customers pick-up location. The system will automatically offer the job to drivers currently in the "Available" status, and should they not accept the ride in time, the system will then attempt sending the ride to another "Available" driver.
Second Job Support This allows your drivers to be available for a second job based on different parameters and conditions per your configuration. For example, you may want a driver to be available to be assigned for another ride once they are en-route to a drop off, in this case, the driver will be able to queue and accept the next job after completing their current ride. You can also condition second job support to only occur for Pre-book and Airport rides, by ensuring these bookings always receive the priority they deserve over instant bookings.
Google Places This gives you access to the Google Places API for Points of Interests and Addresses.
FourSquare POI's This gives you access to the FourSquare POI database for locating customers locations.
Google Routing This gives you access to automatically route and calculate journeys by using Google Routing Technology.
Cash Payments Accept payment for bookings and rides by Cash.
Account Payments Accept payment for bookings and rides by Account.
Card Payments Accept payment for bookings and rides by Credit Card.
POS Payments Accept payment for bookings and rides by a Point-of-sale Application on the mobile.
Online Pre-Payments Force or optionally accept pre-payments for rides taken and booked via your website or booking widget. This will automatically process and will not allow the booking to be placed unless the card payment is successful.
SMS Messaging Send SMS messages to customers mobiles for various activities in the booking chain using language your can customise and change at any time. Such events that can be toggled on/off include: Booking Creation, Booking Allocation, Driver En-Route, Approaching Location, Booking Cancellation, Delay Apology.
Corporate Email SMTP You can enable your system to send emails out via your own email SMTP servers using your own email address. This ensures completing branding of your Gazoop system to your company and also supports processing of inbound emails via your external email address so that all emails can continue be received in to your ticket system.
Languages Ability to customise the text in your booking confirmation emails and SMS/Push Messages sent to customers.
Booking Fields Customization This allows you to enable/disable most fields in the booking form, as well as add any new custom fields you may wish to add. For example, for a recovery service, you may not need a drop-off destination and only a pick-up, and you may want to have details of the customers vehicle and problem written with the booking.
API Access Take advantage and use the Gazoop API - Documentation can be found here:
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