Gazoop Referral Program:
Earn by Referrals

You can now earn commission by referring you customers to Gazoop Dispatch Solutions.
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Join our Referral Program in 3 Easy Steps

Start earning by selling one of the best taxi dispatch solutions available on the market. Anyone can sign-up to begin earning, if you own a website, blog, taxi company, call center, or just want to try sales out, you're more than welcome to participate.


Activate Account

Once in the Gazoop Portal, click "Start Referring" to activate your account.


Refer Customers

Using the custom link assigned to you, invite users to sign-up. We'll email you on each sign-up too.


Start Earning!

You can withdraw funds to your Gazoop Balance, PayPal, or Bank Transfer online.

Commission Amounts

  Standard Partner
1 to 20 Paying Drivers
Silver Partner
21 to 99 Paying Drivers
Gold Partner
100+ Paying Drivers
Per Driver Fees 2% 3.5% 5%
API/Booking Fees 2% 3.5% 5%
Call Answering Fees 1% 1.5% 2%
Mobile App Set-up Fees 2% 4% 6%

Note: Paying Drivers exclude drivers set-up on a "Temp" or "Per Booking" license.

Cloud Dispatch Networking Affiliation

How does the Referral Program work?

You will be provided a personalized website URL which you must send to your referrals, upon clicking the link we store a 30 day cookie on their computer. Should this user navigate away and return and sign-up to Gazoop at a later date, we will retrieve the cookie and link them to your account. Your account also has various tools too:

My Leads Tool: View total drivers and bookings for your referrals within this tool.

Transactions: You can track all your referral commission transactions and export to CSV.

Withdraw Funds: You can withdraw to Gazoop Balance for a 10% bonus, or via PayPal, Revolut, or Bank Transfer.

If you want more guidance please do feel free to reach out to our chat support team who can help.

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Taxi, Cab, Fleet Management Dispatch System Fleet Networking Farm in and out jobs via affiliation
Do you run a call center?

Use the Gazoop Dispatch System to re-sell our dispatch solution to your clients and restrict the Gazoop Staff Marketplace to just your teams agents only.

  • Live Lead Tracking: Monitor your leads immediately online.
  • Instant Revenue: Commissions are available to redeem immediately.
  • Lifetime Earnings: No expiration to commissions.
  • Support Solution: Manage your own clients if requested.

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What is Gazoop?

Gazoop is a feature rich dispatch management system, from the many methods you can receive bookings from customers, all the way through to the small touches of allowing SMS tickets for customer service, we've thought and carefully implemented every nook and cranny to make what we offer the most unique all-in-one solution out there.

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