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Zone Map

How do I create and manage my fleet zones?

  •   Go to Localisation.
  •   Choose Zoning.
  •   Enter your Base Address.
  •   You can select the circle or polygon icon to create multiple pick-up zones.
  •   Click Update Zone Map to save.
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    How do I re-name my zones to assist with localisation rules?

  •   Click the zone you wish to name.
  •   Click "Re-name Selected Zone" and a popup like below will show, enter the new name for this zone and click "Save Zone Name".
  •   Repeat this process for all the zones you wish to re-name.
  •   Once Complete, hit "Update Zone Map".
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    What is zone map?

    This tool enables you to manage your taxi fleet's coverage area. ?

    The system will block locations that are outside your zone or service area.

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    Why are my address lookup results random, in different countries, and miles away?

    This is likely due to an invalid base address entered for your fleet.

    Please go to and enter at minimum the city you are working in within the base address field.

    Simply select a zone radius is not sufficient for our address searching tools.

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    How do I select a zone blocked by another zone?

    In order to select a zone  that is currently being blocked by another zone shape, click the shape currently blocking and click "Send to Back", once done, re-attempt clicking the shape. If you are still unable to click the shape, keep re-trying this process until you can select.

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