Did You Know?

How do I add my corporate email to Gazoop for booking confirmations?

By default Gazoop will offer you a free-to-use email address for sending messages from your system however should you wish to add your own please follow the steps below. You will require an email account login credentials from your email/web host provider with SMTP logins.

Step 1 - Go to Admin > Emails and click "Add Email Address" as shown below:

Step 2 -  You must complete the form in full. Below is a description of each field:

Email Address - The address emails should be sent from/to.
Email From Name - This is the name field for emails, this is generally your company name.
SMTP Host - This is the URL for your email account SMTP server, for example, smtp.mywebsite.com
SMTP Port - This is the port number for your host providers SMTP Server - the default port with no security is 25.
SMTP Security - This is the security mechanism used by your email host provider, this can either be None, TLS, or SSL.
SMTP Authentication - This is if SMTP authentication is required in order to send emails. Generally for secure web hosts this should always be "Required"
SMTP Username - This is usually your email address, however do confirm your username with your email host.
SMTP Password - This is usually the same password you use to access emails, but again, confirm this with your email host.

Step 3 - Click "Create Email Address"

Step 4 - Create an Email Forwarder

Once created at the top you will see "Forward Emails To", you must create a forwarder for the email address you have entered to copy all emails to the email address found in this field. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact your email or web host to ask them to create a forwarder to the email address found in this box.