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Customer Support

What is an SMS ticket?

An sms ticket is when you receive customer's sms or email requesting for a taxi, checking the status of their booking, or just about any query.

This tool allows you to to access, create or manage support tickets with customers.

An sms ticket looks exaclty like the page below. You can reply using the virtual phone and type in your response just like using your smartphone.

It could also be a form of an Email. All you have to do is enter your message in the notes section and click send public reply-In Progress, if it's needing a response from the customer or query is not resolved yet or send public reply-Close Ticket, if query is resolved and doesn't need a response.

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Where can I find customer's pin code for their login?

You can find their pincode by going to their Customer Account and scroll down and view Account Settings.

You can see the customer's Account Pin.

You can also change pincode for customers wanting to change pincode.

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