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Create Driver

How do I add a new driver?

  •   Go to Driver Management section and choose Add New Driver.
  •   Fill out Driver Information, especially the ones marked with an asterisk.
  •   For Vehicle Information (?)
  •   Fill out Invoice Address or their main address.
  •   Edit the Global Queue Restrictions (?)
  •   Driver Charges Section, you can set up proper commissions and charges for your driver. (?)
  •   Click Create Driver Account below to save the information.

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How do I change the drivers call number or reference?

1. Locate the driver you wish to change the reference for, and open their profile page by clicking manage.

2.Scroll down to "Internal Ref" and change this to the call number or any other public reference you want. For example, we've set this driver with the reference CAB33:

3. Update the profile, the internal reference of CAB33 will now show at all locations instead of the old automatically generated ID number. You can also search for this driver in the search areas, such as job allocations, invoices, and the driver list.

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How do I restrict a driver's pick-up radius size?

  •   Go to the Drivers Account.
  •   Modify Offer Job Radius from current location.
  •       -Drivers won't get jobs for pick-up outside of the miles radius.

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    How do I set-up driver commission and charges?

    You can set-up driver's commission and charges once you go to Driver's Account and from the bottom right, you can adjust as appropriate.

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