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Create Customer

How do I create a new customer?

To add a new customer within your fleet, you must go to "Customers" > "Create" as shown below:

Choose an account type, the default is a Main/Parent Account. (?)

Within the Personal Information section enter the customers;
  •   First Name
  •   Last Name
  •   Company Name (optional)
  •   Telephone Number
  •   Email

Account Settings section:

  •   Account PIN for the customers account
  •   Credit status if allowed to charge to account/invoice.
  •   Fuel surcharge (?)
Default Address section;

  •   Fill out the client's main address or billing address.
After entering all information, click Create Client Account tab to save the information.

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What are the four Customer Account Types?

  •   Main/Parent Account:- This is the main account holder that pays the invoices for all account jobs.
  •   Sub/Child Account:- These accounts are assigned to a parent account and any account job by a child is automatically charged to the parent account. A child account does have the option to pay for their bookings using their own credit card or by cash, these invoices are not raised against the parent account.
  •   Public Account (POI):- This account type allows bookings to be placed against any number of passengers and it sets the pick-up address by default to the account address on public facing tools.
  •   Gazoop Network Partner:- These accounts are other fleets that send jobs in to your system as part of the Gazoop Network scheme.

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What is fuel surcharge?

Fuel Surcharge is an additional surcharge on account only jobs.

You can configure this through Invoices > Settings

This only shows on Invoice generation.

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What are the optional information fields when adding a client?

  •   Default Fare- choose from default fare to hailed fare.
  •   Default Driver- if customer is requesting for a specific driver in your fleet, job will be "soft allocated" to that driver.
  •   Generate Invoice- default is Use Global Policy or choose from the dropdown list such as after each job, end of day or every week.
  •   Invoice Due Date- you can choose the default setting or from 24 hours, 48 hours to how many days
  •   Invoice Preference- from full, partial or no itemisation.
  •   VIP Customer- you can choose from standard, blue, red, green and orange level to identify your VIP customer.

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