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Manage Drivers

What is Mange Drivers?

This tool allows you to check all drivers in your fleet as well as their status if they're available, busy, away or no answer.

You can also check if your drivers are online or offline.

There are 3 actions that you can do with this tool:

1. Load Driver's Account
2. Suspend driver's account 
3. Delete driver's account.

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What's inside the driver's account?

Here is a sneak peak of the Driver's Account page. You can modify an existing driver n your fleet and as you can see, there are Additional Tools found inside the driver's account. You can change pin code, check driver's schedule, history logs, bookings and invoices.

There's more below the driver's account page. You can see invoice, address, driver's notes, driver payouts, global queue restrictions and the bottom part of the page is modify driver account tab to save the changes or updates.

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What do I do if the driver app gets stuck or it freezes?

Depending on the reason for the freezing there are a couple of things you can do.

1. Re-start the App

Simply re-starting the app may resolve most issues.

2. Re-start the device

Some devices, especially older android phones, sometimes run out of run-time memory, restarting your device can clear this memory allowing your apps to work as usual.

3. Block and Unblock the driver in the Control Panel

  •   Go to Driver Management section.
  •   Choose Driver Overview.
  •   Search for the specific driver on the list and disable and re-enable driver's account.

4. Re-install the Driver App

You may have a corrupt configuration file in the app, the easiest way to rule this out is to uninstall the app, and install it again. You will need your QR code or your driver PIN authentication code to gain access back so be sure to have this information before completing this step.

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What does the online marker actually mean?

The online marker is a reference to show that we received GPS location information in the last 5 minutes, and does not influence anything else in the system.

As Gazoop works using a combination of Socket Servers and Push Notifications, the only status that is important is the status to the left hand side of the tick and cross. A driver who is "Available" or "Busy" with second job support enabled, whether they have a tick or cross next to online, will still recieve jobs either in their application or as a push notification if their app is sleeping. 

Please be aware that if a phone is put in your pocket and put to sleep mode you will still receive jobs as a push notifcation, however if you do not respond to the push notification within 60 seconds we will mark you as "NoAnswer" which will require you to login to your app and change back to "Available". We will send a second push notification to let you know that you are in "NoAnswer" status.

If you wish for drivers to remain "Available" and persistently receive GPS data, you must disable your phone from sleeping, this can be done by two ways.

  •   Keep Gazoop running at the front, as code has been implemented to ensure the phone stays on whilst using our app.
  •   Adjust your Settings to ensure your sleep timeout is none or very high.
  • In the event GPS information hasn't been sent in the last 5 minutes but the driver is still "Available" the last known location is used when utilizing automatic dispatch.


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    How do I delete a driver?

    In order to delete a driver account you must go to Manage > Drivers and click Delete. When clicking you will be presented with this popup:

    This will allow you to transfer any paid days to another driver account, simply select the driver to transfer the license to and it will be moved across to that account and complete the driver deletion.

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    How do you re-set or view a drivers PIN Number?

    In order to re-set a drivers login PIN code you must go to their driver account in Drivers > Manage > Select the Driver.

    If you scroll through the "Driver Profile" section you can view and change the drivers PIN number as shown here:

    Only permission levels OWNER and ADMIN are able to view and edit the Login PIN, this means that the dispatchers profile are unable to see this.

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