Account Access and Ownership

1. Access Policy

All accounts with Gazoop must have valid contact information on file that is kept up-to-date at all times as verified by the Customer. This includes, but is not be limited to, name, physical address, phone number, and email address. The email address on file must not be one provided by Gazoop. It is the responsibility of the customer to update their contact and login information in an expedient manner should that information change. Gazoop cannot be held liable for any reason in the event that a Customer is unable to access their account or initiate a password reset due to the email address on file being inaccessible or disabled.

In the event that a person contacts Gazoop claiming to be entitled to access to the account but is unable to access (whether due to lost or forgotten information, data loss on a personal device, email address has been disabled, etc.), Gazoop may provide access to the account should all the conditions of at least one of the following cases is met:

1) The party requesting access to the account opens a support ticket, either through our contact form or by sending an email to, stating that they are entitled access to and ownership of the account, and therein supply Gazoop with acceptable evidence of right to access.

The ticket must contain all or a substantial portion of the following information:

  • Company Name:
  • Name of person on file for the account:
  • Address on file for the account:
  • Phone Number on file for the account:
  • Email Address on file for the account:

As well as the following two required forms of verification:

  • REQUIRED - Associated Payment Information, such as a bank statement displaying the charge from Gazoop and the name on the account.
  • REQUIRED - Government-issued photo ID of the owner of the payment medium.

2) Gazoop is provided with a valid request for transfer of account ownership, as outlined in Section 2, below.

3) Gazoop is provided with a valid court order in the United Kingdom requiring Gazoop to supply access and control to the claimant.

If none of these cases can be met, Gazoop will not provide access to the account.

2. Transferring Account Ownership

In order to change the ownership of a Gazoop fleet account, the transferee must first be added as an Administrator Staff account for the fleet. The transferee must also add a payment method to their own account prior to requesting the account transfer. Once added, pursuant to section 2 above, the following form must also be filled out to notify Gazoop to initiate the Fleet Account transfer. It is not permitted to transfer a pre-existing account by changing contact details on the main account pursuant to section 1.8 of our Terms and Conditions. Gazoop is not responsible for any inability to access an account due to a transferor failing to release access to the transferee.

Gazoop Fleet Account Transfer Form

Once the form has been completed, please email this to from the current account holders email address.

3. Account Ownership Disputes

Disputes over the ownership of Gazoop user accounts and/or Gazoop fleet accounts may sometimes arise between or among multiple persons. Gazoop is not in a position to determine account ownership or resolve ownership disputes. It is the responsibility of the Customer to resolve any such disputes and make clear to Gazoop who the owner(s) of the account are in a manner which relieves Gazoop of all liability or obligations concerning the dispute.