We can now be contacted via WhatsApp

We're pleased to announce that the Gazoop Team can be contacted 24/7 via WhatsApp. You can use WhatsApp anywhere around the world to send us messages for free.

Our WhatsApp Number is: 448003102626

If your phone number you message us from is linked to your active account, you will not need to complete any further security. If you message us from an unknown number we will ask you to complete a security verification one time only.

As a reminder, we can be contacted at any time via the following methods:

1 - Facebook Messenger at https://www.messenger.com/t/218575834950949
2 - Skype at https://join.skype.com/bot/5d823c35-394f-4fb2-b95b-bd010705d336
3 - SMS In the UK: 447520632626
4 - SMS in the USA: 18779472626
5 - WhatsApp from contact: 448003102626

Please be aware that our old chat system on Gazoop has now been replaced by Skype, however you do not need a Skype account to chat with us. If however you chat with us and you are logged in to Skype then once you start your chat session via the control panel you can continue the chat at any time via the Skype App.

The support options above are the only official methods to obtain support from Gazoop outside of our official website methods.

Thank you,

Gazoop Team