Gazoop Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus has vanished!

When the buzz of social media was all that everyone talked about, we at Gazoop felt it important to jump on the bandwagon and set-up social media profiles. As a B2B company, we were dubious, but we went along with it. As time went on, we started to realise many drawbacks of it.

It's now 2018 and with various news reports about data leaks, security and privacy concerns, fake news, and such being spread on such sites we don't want to be part of sites that are not doing enough to prevent this. We've even been a victim of fake news ourselves where users have claimed one thing, where in truth it was another.

While we as a company can't moderate what goes on within those sites, we can control the way we use such sites. For example, today we've removed all social media pages. We feel pushing or pointing users away from the Gazoop homepage for latest news/support and over to another companies website is counter productive and it doesn't allow our users to fully benefit from the features and abilities our own site offers. With ongoing concerns about data security, allowing support to be requested in a medium we can not control the security of was a major concern and so it made sense to stop offering support via these methods and only through an environment we can 100% control and assure the security of.

Lastly, it is quite difficult for a B2B company to offer its actual users quality daily content without flooding your personal pages with trash you really don't want to see. Additionally, by only positing quality posts as and when required, it gives the impression we're not actually here (we're here, 24/7, as many of you know!).

As such, if you require support, guidance, have questions about our services, or just want some further information, you can obtain all this and more simply by going to our homepage, - if you want latest updates, you can find it within the Gazoop news panel in the Gazoop homepage, and in our newsletters which we will be commencing soon. We won't be able to offer support via any other method other than those listed in our homepages or by calling/emailing/live chatting our team.

We hope you understand the reasons for removing our social media pages, and promise all efforts we previously spent on boosting our social media presence is being redirected to creating our own community spaces on the Gazoop site and platform. More to come!