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Why join the Gazoop Fleet Network?

The Gazoop Fleet Networking platform allows fleets to farm in and out jobs by creating a public profile seen by fleets all over the globe. When you subscribe to a fleet, they agree to pay you a commission and you can begin farming-out your jobs through to those fleets. If you also want to farm in jobs, you can also make a free public profile for fleets to partner with you on your terms.

  • Affordable Gazoop Accounts: Any fleet can join the Gazoop platform and receive networked jobs on the Standard Plan.
  • Earn Revenue: If you farm jobs out, you can earn commissions directly from other fleets.
  • Attract New Business: Start accepting referrals from other countries and cities by creating a free Networking Profile.
  • No Percentages: We only charge a small API fee per booking as you would any other API based booking.

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How does the Network work?

When you have a job in your system you wish to farm out, select the fleet you wish to farm the job out to. You will then be given a quote for the ride, and the option of three payment methods.

Cash: Your customer will pay the quote price and you will earn the agreed commission from your partner.

Account/Invoicing: Your customer will pay your quote price to you and you in turn will pay your partner less the commission/discount at your agreed payment terms.

Credit Card: Your customer will pay your quote price to you and you in turn will pay your partner less the commission/discount to your credit card at the end of the ride.

If you want more guidance, we offer a weekly course explaining how our networking features operate and how this can help your business. Sign up free below to participate in this session.

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What is Gazoop?

Gazoop is paid for feature rich dispatch management system, from the many methods you can receive bookings from customers, all the way through to the small touches of allowing SMS tickets for customer service, we've thought and carefully implemented every nook and cranny to make what we offer the most unique all-in-one solution out there.

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