Attention Cab Business Owners: Here Are The Best Mobile Devices for your Driver Dispatch Apps!

In the cab business, having the best fleets and the fastest drivers is only half of the battle. You've already figured out that you need an app-based
dispatch system to stay competitive (congratulations!), but now you need to research the best mobile devices for your fleets' taxi dispatch app. You might
not be the most tech-savvy guy or gal in the world, but fortunately, we've narrowed down the best mobile devices to two choices.

The Apple iPad Mini 2 w/WiFi Cellular - The Perfect Taxi Dispatch Companion

Unless your cab business prioritizes elite customers, in which case you need the most current equipment to make the best impression, then there is no
reason to pay hundreds of dollars more for the latest technology. The Apple iPad Mini 2 w/WiFi Cellular was released in 2013, but still dutifully

  • WiFi and Cellular - GPS can only work when you use a Cellular version!
  • Lightweight - at just one pound, this is one of the best mobile devices to easily attach to your dash.
  • Sizable - a 7.9 inch display screen offers “Retina display”, a fancy marketing term for resolutions that are so high, your eyes cannot see the
    individual pixels.
  • Battery Life - Apple claims it has 10 hours of battery life, but this was tested at 50% brightness levels, so more like 5 hours.
  • Price - here is where the iPad Mini 2 stumbles a bit, but considering the cost of more recent Apple products such as the Samsung Galaxy Edge, you are
    still saving hundreds.

The Proscan Tablet w/WiFi GPS - Affordable for Your Cab Business

If you prefer Android over Apple, the Proscan tablet lets you cut expenses for your cab business without sacrificing any quality. This lightweight and
cost-efficient tablet is one of the best mobile devices for running your taxi dispatch app with ease. Here's a brief rundown:

  • GPS - the position equipment works independently from the internet, meaning that your fleet will still be able to safely navigate while offline.
  • Lightweight - at 1.4 pounds, this is one of the best mobile devices in its weight class.
  • Large Display - a hefty 10-inch screen means no driver will be squinting at directions.
  • Battery Life - your drivers will have 4 hours to find a car charger if they've forgotten one.

And the Winner Is..

These models are both on sale, but the Proscan is currently way, way cheaper than normal - this makes it the victor by default. Still, you can find any
tablet fairly cheaply on Ebay, or even buy refurbished ones directly from the manufacturer. Ordinarily, however, they are both reasonably priced, so it
ultimately comes down to brand loyalty.

The Apple Mini iPad 2 has a smaller screen with a better resolution, and its battery life may be a little longer. Whichever you choose, your fleets will be
able to use your taxi dispatch app on both of these best mobile devices with style and ease!