Why Your Taxi Fleet Needs to Get Business Numbers Local to International Customers

Why Your Taxi Fleet Needs to Get Business Numbers Local to International Customers

At Gazoop, we strive to become your all-in-one taxi company solution. We never want you to have to look elsewhere for your company's needs, which is why our latest exciting announcement targets a special niche in the taxi industry - fleets with an international presence such as those who deal primarily with airport pickups. For the first time ever, Gazoop customers can get a business number that is local in any country, including cheap vanity numbers!

Why Does My Taxi Company Need to Get a Business Number That's Local?

Worldwide taxi companies sometimes rely on an out-of-area phone number (otherwise known as international phone numbers) is not optimal for airport pickup services. For one, having a local number in your local airports most popular international destinations will encourage more airport pickups. International phone numbers are not properly targeting the tourists, where-as if you offer a telephone number local to tourists, not only are you pushing a more reputable image, you are also saving your customers an international rate call!

Cheap Vanity Numbers (Local Vanity Numbers) That Get Results!

Local vanity numbers spell out a word using the last four digits with the numbers 8-2-9-4 ("T-A-X-I") being the coveted "golden goose". Buying local vanity numbers is especially popular among taxi companies because people at the airport are usually in a hurry and don't do much research before taking a cab. Having a number that spells out "C-A-B-S", or even repeating numbers that are easy to remember, are great ways to beat out local competitors.

Ditch International Phone Numbers and Get a Business Number with Gazoop

Gazoop appreciates you, our valued customers, and we want to see your business thrive and grow! Getting a local business number in other countries is a profitable decision that will increase your presence in foreign markets, and we offer them at the lowest rates. Our deals allow you to get a business number in nearly any country for as low as $3.50 USD/Ł2.00 GBP/€4.00 EUR per month!

Best of all, purchasing a local phone number through Gazoop has never been easier (we are big fans of convenience). You can get an international business number easily through your account:

  • Simply log in as normal at https://cp.gazoop.com
  • Go to Administration > Call Center > Telephone Numbers and select your target country
  • Select the area code
  • Choose from a list of available numbers
  • If you don't see the local number that you wanted, our friendly sales team can work with you to order one specially!

    Get A Number You Can Trust

    From cheap vanity numbers to high value repeating digits, the Gazoop team has got you covered all around the globe! If you are relying on the same international phone numbers as you always have, then your company is potentially missing out on tourists every day of the week. With our help though, your new number will never lose airport pickup business again!

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