How to Get More Customers to Use Your Taxi Services (4 Tricks)

How to Get More Customers to Use Your Taxi Services (4 Tricks)

Gazoop knows that successfully running your company’s taxi services can be a fickle business. On some days your dispatch team can hardly keep up with the call volume, and other days it seems as if no one in the entire city needs a ride. While obviously holiday seasons, special events, and a strong job economy can all greatly impact on your taxi services, we also know how to get more customers in your cabs all year long – no matter what!

The Fairest of Fares

When it comes to attracting a steady customer following, discounts count big. If you have a large portion of customers traveling from one zone to another – say for their daily work commute to a popular business district, for example – then you know how to get more customers than your competition? Give them a price break. With Gazoop, you’ll be able to easily set zone-to-zone coverage at whatever prices you want. Charge more, charge less, charge by the minute, by the mile, or by the ride – it’s up to you!

Choose a Niche

Think about the population demographics of your area. Are your passengers mostly business travelers, college students, seniors, or maybe they are exceptionally wealthy? Try to identify their needs and target them accordingly. For example, if your taxi services are near a major airport, then a Cloud-based dispatch system like Gazoop will tell your drivers exactly when flights are arriving and departing; this information is updated in real-time to include any delays along with the exact gate or terminal number needed to make the pickup go smoothly. You will also be able to easily set special rates based on age, school IDs, and whatever else you can think of.

Establish a Web Presence

Having an online presence has become one of the most important aspects of running a success taxi business in recent years. With the right website and mobile app, customers will be able to fully utilize your taxi services with just a few taps of their screen. Without a strong web presence, however, you won’t know how to get more customers at crucial times when they need you the most – when they are out on the town, for example, looking on their cell phones for a ride home, and a million other similar situations. Fortunately, it just so happens that Gazoop comes jam-packed with all of the features that you’ll need to make a fully customizable webpage and phone app that’s easy to navigate and looks great. New customers will be able to locate your business easily – and best of all, they’ll have no idea that you are using Gazoop to make it happen (you can take all of the credit, we don’t mind)!

How to Get More Customers? Easy... With Gazoop!

Not to brag, but the Gazoop team knows how to get more customers – after all, you’re reading this blog article right now, right? We’ll help improve your taxi services by providing you with the software you need to easily set zones and fares, communicate with your team in real-time, and advertise to the masses. We’ve done it for countless other taxi services around the world, and we’ll do it for yours, too!

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